Alice Howe’s New Album, Recorded in Muscle Shoals

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How to Play Rock Guitar Riffs

There are many rock guitar riffs about that have been around since the 50’s right up to now. These rock guitar riffs have been established by some of the greatest guitarists which shall be revealed shortly. If you are not too sure what guitar riffs are.

Guitar Building Plans

A complete set of guitar building plans is a key element in the guitar building process. Consider the guitar building plan as your guide or road map, steering you though the guitar building process.

Guitar Types (Travel)

Basically, guitar is the string instrument having 6 strings normally. When the strings vibrate, they produce sounds of different pitches and scales which in turn creates music.

The 2 Most Important Beat Making Tools

Pointing out the two most important beat making tools of hip hop music. Also helping make sure you get started with the right tools. Listing advantages of the tools.

Effects of Choir and Orchestra Members Wearing Matching Uniforms

What are the effects of choir and orchestra members dressing alike while performing. Much research and numerous surveys have been done to determine if the manner in which a choral group or orchestra is dressed effects the quality of their performance. After several studies it has been determined that it not only affects the musicians but the audience as well.

Childhood Years of Mozart

Mozart was possibly the greatest musician of all time. This is a brief article outlining the events of his childhood.

The Rivalry Between Hugo Wolf and Johannes Brahms

Hugo Wolf and Johannes Brahms are thought to have been rivals. This article describes the factors influencing their different views and approaches to music.

The Influence of Karlheinz Stockhausen in Pop Music

One of the great figures of 20th century music, Stockhausen extended his influence over many areas of the art. His work in electronic music and composition can be felt amongst a wide variety of popular artists.

iTunes Album Artwork Finder – Restore Your Cover Flow With an Album Art Finder

Are you missing album art all throughout your iTunes cover flow view? Have you spent hours trying to import images manually and fix things yourself? Find out how you can save yourself tons of time by using an iTunes album artwork finder and fixing your music library automatically.

Matt Cardle – X Factor 2010 Finalist

Coming from a modest back ground of being a painter, Matt Cardle had nothing to stand by but his life full of music. A young painter and a former decorator, Matt had probably always found solace in music. That is the reason why even before he auditioned for The X-Factor; he had a band of his own called Seven Summers.

Rebecca Ferguson – X Factor 2010 Finalist

Fashion and style are two of the most important things one has to take care of while being presented on national television. It is clearly necessary to create a fashion statement which people can look up to along with giving smashing performances on stage. It’s not simply the dress which has to be right but having the right pair of shoes and accessories to complete the look is what it takes to create an impression in the minds of the viewers.

Cher Lloyd – X Factor 2010 Finalist

The X Factor is a reality show which is a singing competition. In this show aspiring singers come to become the best voice through a number of auditions. At every level one contestant keeps getting eliminated until the best one is found.

House Music: My Favorite Songs and Artists

House music is a form of electronic dance music. It originated in what one might call post-disco America. House is a relative of disco music. Some may say that house evolved from disco music. It was also influenced by soul and funk.

Farm Aid

Why should you go to the Farm Aid concert? The benefit to your community might surprise you.

Adjustable Piano Bench Models: Selecting a Bench That Will Suit Your Needs

Looking for a new piano bench? The various models of piano benches with adjustable height offered in today’s market will satisfy a wide range of users including musicians and interior designers, demanding a touch of elegance with outstanding function. Learning more about the styles and available models will allow the buyer to make a buying decision that will not be regrettable. While the many models available for sale could be confusing to a new buyer, this article’s overview of the designs will prove invaluable in making an informed purchase.

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