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Jill Scott – The Light of the Sun Album Review

In a time when Snoop has added bubblegum-pop and vocal house (heavy on the autotune) to his resume, and every second urban artist has joined forces with David Guetta, it’s refreshing to see a long-standing superstar like Jill Scott stay true to her roots and continue to churn out heartfelt, down-to-earth neo-soul. The three-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter has released her forth studio album The Light of the Sun. Although four years since her previous release, Scott has had a consistently successful career spanning over a decade, primarily in music but also dabbling in film and television.

6 Top Goth Songs That Actually Made the Charts

What is Goth? Is it something to be feared or can it make its mark in the singles chart like any other type of music? Well, that is open to debate, but it has certainly reared its pale head on more than one occasion amongst the mainstream singles.

Cello Lessons for Beginners – 3 Tips to Choose the Best Lessons

The way you play the cello depends on the way you take the very first steps, from having the cello in your hands to learning how to make the perfect harmony of notes and sounds. The cello lessons for beginners are even more important than the advanced ones, because the student probably has no idea what to do and he needs the best teacher to guide him. However, finding the quality lessons can be quite a challenge and it can take some time, as well.

Cello Bowing Technique – 5 Right Hand Bowing Techniques

If you want to master any cello bowing technique, you must dedicate yourself completely and never stop practicing since the nuances are sometimes so small, that one little mistake can ruin the entire piece. The techniques related to the left and right hand are separated mostly because the left hand determines the note and the right one is related to bowing. Some bowing tactics are more used than the others, but it’s important to know the difference and know how to use them.

Novation ReMOTE SL 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard’s Best Features

There are certainly a lot of MIDI keyboard controllers in the market. Buying a new one can be a tough job since you would have to go through the research and scouting process. Good thing there are a lot of MIDI keyboard resources online.

Planning To Buy A New MIDI Keyboard Controller?

Creating and recording music is one fun thing especially if you are very passionate about it. Whether it is just a hobby or a means of living for you, you cannot deny that music is definitely something majority of us love to take part into.

DUBturbo Virtual Beat Maker – You Can Have Your Own Virtual Recording Studio!

There’s hardly a greater outlet to display your enjoyment of music than to use your creativity to make music. You can now do this with your own virtual Beat Maker Software which comes loaded with loops and effects, transforming your computer into a powerful music production center.

MIDI Keyboard Facts for Newbies

For music lovers who are thinking of venturing into serious song writing and composition, you should be thankful to all these all technological developments in the music equipment industry. Unlike in the past when composing songs was too tasking and too expensive since you had to hire musicians to record the music in a studio, these days you can actually do it all by yourself with just a MIDI keyboard and a reliable computer equipped with the necessary softwares.

3 Great Ways To Discover New Christian Music

I have been discovering some fantastic new Christian music lately and it’s not from listening to mainstream Christian radio. Although I enjoy listening to the popular stuff, I along with many of my close friends feel that the standard stations are just too generic and repeat the same old songs way too often.

Music Review: Bela Bartok – Bartok New Series

Besides being one of the most important composers of the twentieth century, Bela Bartok would undoubtedly be the greatest Hungarian cultural icons. Universally revered Bartok was perhaps the earliest person who took keen interest in the local music of Hungary and Romania.

Top 50 Songs From The 90’s

Sometime back I posted my selection of the Top 50 songs from the Eighties which not only defined the Hit Factor of the period but literally defined the industry on a whole taking the direction of music and style into altogether a new dimension. I was encouraged by the readership of this article and so here I come with a listing of the Top 50 songs from the 90’s.

How to Find Music on YouTube

YouTube is a terrific site that offers both mainstream professional recording artists as well as up-and-coming singers and songwriters. However, since there are literally millions of YouTube videos finding the one you are looking for can be a tiresome task. We’ll show you the best ways to find what you are looking for.

So You Think You Can Write A Hit Song?

You want to write a song. How do you start? Here are some tips I use and have developed over the years. These are basic guidelines and I hope it will help anyone with their songwriting endeavors.

Top 50 One-Hit-Wonder Songs

They came and before you knew it they were gone? I have always wondered how they managed to create that single 15 minutes of fame and yet not be able to sustain it thereafter. One Hit Wonders are a listing of those songs which were probably the only hit from these artists. They may have been able to follow it up with another song or two, however none of these follow-ups could meet the hit-factor of their original hit. This would be probably be the only big song you would know of the artist and in most cases these artists have disappeared to oblivion now. One would always wonder where are they today.

Fast Forward to New Jams

Fast Forward is the perfect solution for those of us who love music but have little time to go searching for it. Here’s how it works.

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