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Enjoy Fine Music Produced From Accordions

One of the oldest instruments that have been used for playing music is the accordion. This instrument is also referred to as the squeezebox and is used popularly in Western music. The bellows are compressed and expanded causing valves to open. When certain keys or buttons are pressed, air flows and vibrates across the strips of steel or brass emitting sound inside the instrument.

The Story Behind Bob Seger’s Songs: It Wasn’t Named “Mainstreet”

“Mainstreet”, one of Bob Seger’s most endearing songs, displayed beautiful economy of lyric, capturing the awkward desires of youth in just a few well-chosen lines. Only part of it happened… and not quite the way Seger penned it. Read on to find out what part was fiction and what part was not.

How To Build Your Guitar Teaching Business And Earn More Money

Are you looking to make a career out of teaching guitar. Read this article and learn how to earn good money as a guitar teacher…

African Musical Instruments Represent The Natural Rhythm And Beauty of Africa

Just like Africa, African musical instruments have a long history. Each region of Africa has its own typical musical instrument and has been influenced by different cultures like Caribbean, Latin American and others. Many musical instruments have their own symbolic meaning.

Music Pleasure Worldwide

It is not only a onetime hear. The Mac has a built in facility to transfer data from an iPhone via iTunes, so that the sheer pleasure of listening is available whenever it is needed or desired.

Natalie Maines – Mother

Despite having grown up on contemporary country music, I’m not exactly a fan of it. At least, not the stuff that they play on the radio. To me, it’s always been just a bit too tame. The stereotype of beer-drinkin’, truck-drivin’ rural folk isn’t enough to really grab my attention. Sure, country music has some good vocalists, but what good is a great voice without some substance? Not everything has to be Johnny Cash shooting a man in Reno, but I mean, come on. How many songs about cheating husbands do we really need?

The Trouble Free Isle of Wight Festival Guide

The summer has almost landed and festival season is about to start. It’s time to prepare to ensure you have a safe and trouble free time, travelling to and from the site, as well as both in front of the main stage and back at the weekend homestead, the trusty tent. In this article we will look at some of the must have Isle of Wight Festival essentials that will help you to survive the elements, and with any luck make it through the weekend comfortable, clean-ish with nothing but great memories, raring to come back to the Isle of Wight Festival year after year.

How Songwriters Can Create Powerful Contrasts in Their Melody Writing

A lot of times, creating a contrast in your melody is a great way to keep your melody interesting throughout your song. We’ll talk about how to do that in this article.

Bruce Springsteen’s “The River”: Who’s Story Is It?

Bruce Springsteen’s “The River”, the title track of his breakthrough 1980 album, is one of the songs for which he’s known best. The way he sings of tragedy and dreams blown out of the water makes you think he’s singing from personal experience. He wasn’t. Find out who the song was really written about.

The Best Of The Least Of Bruce Springsteen’s Songs, Part 3

The gentleman from New Jersey, to nobody’s surprise, got better with time. Even his lesser known songs were the kind I wish I’d written. Here I conclude my list with some priceless lesser known pearls form the latter part of his career.

The Best Of The Least Of Bruce Springsteen’s Songs, Part 2

New to Bruce Springsteen? Need a guide to the some of the best lesser known songs by The Boss? Read on to see my list of some of the truly outstanding melodies that he’s not as well known for.

The Best Of The Least Of Bruce Springsteen’s Songs, Part 1

I don’t need to say a word about Springsteen’s greatest songs. But scratch the surface of his immense pile of work and you’ll find some songs underneath that aren’t mentioned as often. Here’s a list of the kind of songs that make you want to start playing his albums all over again from the beginning.

Getting Dumped – Best Break-Up Songs

Pop music has long been the poetic voice of romance gone bad. From the Harry Nilsson’s suicidally sappy, I Can’t Live (If Living Is Without You), to Ani DiFranco’s ultra angry, Untouchable Face, perhaps it was Neil Sedaka who set the overall tone for generations to come with the 1962 mega-hit, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. While every break-up is unique, the lyrical sentiment behind every break-up song is sure to strike a unique, emotional chord with just about anyone who’s been dumped.

Steve Reich: Phases, Patterns and Tapes

Steve Reich is one of the pioneering composers of American minimalist music along with La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. His work has influenced many composers, artists and music producers. Reich used tape loops to create phasing patterns, and later he translated this technique from recorded tape to performance.

The Maroon 5 Hit Sound They Became Famous for Is a Major Departure From Their Original Style

The original incarnation of the band Maroon 5 we know today as Maroon 5 was originally a band with a very different sound and name. Kara’s Flowers was formed by 4 of the 5 original members of Maroon 5 in LA in 1995 while the members were high school classmates. Although they were a good band with some catchy songs and potential, at this point they had yet to define the signature funky pop sound Maroon 5 became famous for.

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