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Learn to Play a Shakuhachi Flute Today

The shakuhachi is a Japanese end-blown flute. According to the experts it is Japan’s most well-known woodwind instrument. The shakuhachi flute (or it also is known as Zen flute) is used by Zen Buddhists as a tool for contemplation or meditation…

The Shakuhachi Flute at Its Finest

First let’s learn the basics: The name shakuhachi is derived from the term “isshaku hassun” meaning one shaku and eight sun (1.8 Japanese feet). Usually the term shakuhachi refers to the standard size instrument, which is 54.5 cm in length, but it can also refer to many different sizes ranging from 1.3 – 2.5 shaku (39.4 – 75.7 cm) and longer. The shakuhachi is usually made from the root portion of a thick-walled bamboo (known as madake in Japanese). According to the experts the Shakuhachi flute is perhaps the simplest non-percussive instrument ever created.

Six Tips for Running A Successful Open Air Concert

Live performances by musical ensembles in the open air, outside of hallways to entertain people are generally termed as Open Air Concerts. It is held in different times of a year after different motives, and especially at night times. Several issues should be considered for a successful open air concert.

The Evolution of Music Through Technology

Music has gone a long way ever since it was first discovered. From the beat of the heart to the loudest sound that a sound system can produce, music has definitely a lot of things to say. While there are many classifications of music from different countries and generations, it is still recognized as the universal language of the heart.

7 Tips For Choosing A Beats Maker To Make Rap Beats

So, you’re listening to the radio and this amazing song starts playing. The beat really pumps you up and you can feel the emotions and energy thumping out of your speakers plus the lyrics are nice and easy to remember and have now been stuck in your head for days.

The Top 5 Must-Hear Johnny Cash Albums – And Why

Since bursting onto the music scene in the 1950’s, one or more Johnny Cash Albums has been released every year. Even now in 2011, eight years after his death in 2003, over 10 albums were released! Here’s 5, from various periods in his long and storied career.

The Top 5 Not-So Famous Songwriters Who Should Be

“Famous Songwriter” is often an oxymoron. Songwriting is an extremely difficult art, and, although the rewards for those who become successful are great, fame and fortune for songwriters is hard to come by. Here are 5 great musicians who write songs that I think aren’t nearly as famous as they should be.

Empowered Artist: Keep These 6 Things In Mind

Back in the day, when I was an artist, getting a quality recording, contacting a decent manager or attorney was not an easy task. Now a day with the advent of computers, computer software and the internet you can get a great sounding record and contact a reputable manager and/or attorney. You can also promote yourself and your music all over the world.

Breathing for Singing and Why Your Breathing SHOULD Suck

Most people involved in music and singing have heard the phrase, “sing from your diaphragm,” but don’t know exactly what that means. The diaphragm is a muscle below the rib cage, which bisects the body. The lungs, which reside within the rib cage, are, of course, expandable. The secret to breathing well for singing is to lower the diaphragm at the precise moment you take in air. When the diaphragm lowers, the area of the body that can fill with air is increased.

The Top 5 Post Drug-Addiction Steve Earle Albums And Why

Great Steve Earle albums aren’t hard to find; just about every one of his records has at least one gem on it. I think his musical output should be considered in two pieces: pre- and post-drug use. This is because I notice a big difference in his music between the two eras. I’ll let you know my top 5 from the post-drug era.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Violin Practice Time

The old adage “practice makes perfect” may not be entirely true when it comes to violin practice, but practice certainly does make you a better player. If you want to improve, you need to practice. We explain how to make the most of the time that you have to practice.

Everybody’s Downloading MP3s

MP3s have become part of the 21st century lifestyle. This is the very reason why music download companies are earning the big bucks.

Why Full Moon Fever Is The Best Tom Petty Album

This article explains why Full Moon Fever is the best Tom Petty Album. All of Tom Petty’s albums are good, but this one is the best. Read on to find out why!

Physical Expression During Musical Performance

One of the most popular aspects of performing music is physical expression. Some believe that it is a way for the musician to show their emotions. However, did you know, by actual survey, that most concert goers become distracted when the performer makes faces? Why? Well, let me explain with this article.

Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, House (Popular Music Review)

Avicii — Levels Keeping dance floors packed around the world is electro chart topper Levels by Swedish Super DJ and producer Avicii. This globally accepted electronic track laced with strings, synthetic bass and an infectious blend of electrifying tempos, build ups and breakdowns that keep listeners all over grasping onto every bar of this favorite across the map and has all walks of life and tastes in music united in their enthusiasm over this progressive house electronic masterpiece. This 2011 anthem that samples Etta James’s “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” caught fire in the summer and has been…

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