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List Of Boney James Albums

Boney James is a saxophonist and producer, who is well known for his contributions to urban jazz development. This article lists thirteen of his albums, nine of which have ranked number one on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart.

Top Tips for Buying the Most Amazing Electric Guitars

It is often said that music is the food of the soul. Everybody loves some genre of music and is motivated by sound. As different as we are by face, so are musical preference disparities. Our interest in particular sounds or types of music can be likened to our fashion or dress sense. While some go with the trend, some have specific tastes. So it is when it comes to musical instruments. For people who want to learn musical instruments there are wide arrays to choose from. When it comes to guitars, there are different types of guitars ranging from classical to electric guitars.

Music to Drive To

From movies, TV, books, video games and music, cars have always served as inspiration for creativity. Here are some famous songs about automobiles.

Exploring The World Of Bongos

If you are interested in beats and sounds you might have experimented with different types of membranophone other than conventional drum kits. In the Caribbean percussionists use tins and cans to beat out their song. Bongos are popular the world over nowadays but have their roots in nineteenth century Folkloric music from the eastern side of Cuba.

How to Create Music Beats With Dr Drum Beat Making Software?

Have you ever wanted to make music beats for personal or professional use, or even just to pick up another talent? And therefore you marvel how the greatest DJs create that sound that becomes a half of you and everyone around you. It’s that feeling that we are one and we tend to move to the same beat. The best producers had to start somewhere, and fortuitously for you, you’d be getting the possibility to start off with Dr. Drum beat creating software, clearly one of the most effective softwares to hit the market today.

How to Build Your Own Effects Pedal

For anyone who has thought about making their own guitar effects pedal, this is the article for you. Read up on these useful tips as to the spare parts you’ll need and techniques best employed to build your very own stompbox!

Mushroom Jazz 1 – Songs And Artists You May Have Heard

Mushroom Jazz 1 is the first record in the DJ Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz compilation series, which gave credit to numerous artists and songs, helping them to gain wider international recognition. Here are some of them, which you may have already heard.

When To Start Playing The Piano

Out of all of the different instruments that your child can play, the piano is probably the most popular. It can not only help to introduce your child to a world of music, it can also give them a better sense of well-being as well as helping to define their motor skills in number of different ways.

What Are the Musical Notes? The Secrets to the Musical Alphabet

Before playing any instrument, it is important to begin learning the language of music. Like every language, the first step is always to learn the alphabet. Here are some interesting insights behind the musical alphabet and language

What Are Chords: Unlocking the Keys to Any Song

Chords are the building blocks of all music. Knowing what they are and how to play them is the key to being able to learn any song within a few minutes. Without chords, it can days, even weeks to learn new songs. Know your chords, and you can learn a song within an hour, if not within minutes.

6 Tips for Open Mic Success

In this article you were learn 6 practical tips for improving your open mic performances. Whether you are a beginner or advanced performer, these tips will help you.

History of Bagpipes

The Great Highland Bagpipes are recognized all over the world by both their appearance and their sound. Often associated with Scotland, the pipes as we know them today did not originate in Great Britain nor did they look as they do today. This article explores some of the history behind the bagpipes.

Easy Guitar Lesson – 3 Quick Tips To Strengthen Beginner Acoustic Guitar Playing

If you’re looking for information on simple guitar lessons, then I suggest that you grab a seat and buckle down, since you have found what you have been searching for. In this article, we’re going to explore three essential components that you DEFINITELY HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT if you want to learn how to play the guitar well and fast. Firstly, we’ll be looking at participating in performance sessions with other guitar players who have a unique PLAYING style, Next we’ll also be looking at making use of your guitar straps. Lastly, we’ll wind up by looking at maintaining your interest to play the guitar and keeping it alive. After reading through this entire article, you’ll be able to have a better grasp on playing a guitar and accomplish your ambition quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Easy Guitar Lesson – 3 Quick And Simple Guitar Songs For All Beginners

Looking for an easy guitar lesson to help practice your guitar skills? Make yourself comfortable because this article will guide you through. A lot of starter acoustic guitarists mostly try to play some of their most favorite songs, regardless of their complexity. What’s essential is to take up a song that matches your standard of performance.

Israel Vs Wagner: This Is The 21st Century, Isn’t It?

I’m sure each and every country, past and present, will have enacted some dumb (even if not legally binding) policies both foreign and domestic, like say the White Australia Policy. Some are regionally, even globally important, others are trivial. My commentary is on one such dumb and trivial policy – Israel’s unofficial banning of the music of the classical opera composer Richard Wagner for reasons which have nothing to do directly with Wagner.

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