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Lollapalooza 2012

Learn what to expect and how to make the most of Lollapalooza 2012. If you prepare properly, Lollapalooza will be a great summer adventure. You just need to keep a few things in mind as you plan for the music festival.

The Ultimate Music Festival Clothing Guide

With summer finally here, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and begin getting ready for summer sun, especially with the music festivals just around the corner. Both Scotland and England provide great music festivals that are world renowned so don’t miss out and prepare your wardrobe for the summer months ahead. Of course if you have already got your tickets the hard work for a lot of people is done.

Smart Adult Guitar Lessons Guide

Learning never stops until a person loses his breath. This is a cliche that highly intellectuals believe. Well, age is never a factor to hinder you from learning several things as long as you crave for knowledge and is willing to do everything to achieve it.

Food and the Singing Voice

People who would like to learn and improve their singing voice have to consider the food that they eat every day. There are foods that are good for the singing voice and there are those that may affect it negatively. Those who are serious about increasing their potential or their talent in singing need to check their diet as well.

Pure Pitch Review: The Secret to Absolute Pitch and Relative Pitch

Absolute pitch enables you to identify the exact note by ear without reference to external influences or any musical instruments. Relative pitch is the ability to hear and predict the exact intervals or the distance of one note from the other. Now, imagine if you have the ability to hone or get absolute pitch, as well as relative?

Lend Me Your Ear for the Perfect Pitch Training

Before you can walk properly you need to train and practice a lot of things. In perfect pitch training you will be able to achieve that by training your ear until you will be able to detect slight nuances in sound and immediately pair it up with a note or a chord Ambulatory – able to move around. Walking is seems like nothing but it started out as crawling first, then practice “the stand”, after which is the small mechanics of taking a step and lastly is the balance.

Perfect Pitch Course to Develop Young Musicians

What is the perfect pitch? Perfect pitch or absolute pitch is the capacity to know and to reproduce a note without any reference or influence from the outside. To musicians, this is an essential part to music, and if you have it, then you should develop it.

How Important Are Relative Pitch Lessons?

We all know that relative pitch is defined as knowing the intervals between notes or the distance from one note to the other. On the other hand, perfect pitch is the ability of hearing the exact tones without a reference point, or without the help of any musical instrument. Relative pitch, as oppose to perfect pitch can be easier developed with lessons.

A Must Read Relative Pitch Review

Relative pitch is the ability of a person to clearly understand a musical language. According to Burge, this is the mind’s understanding of what the ear hears. This definition is simple, and very easy to understand.

The Importance of Acoustic Guitars Strings

Acoustic guitar strings are the most important part of the instrument. Over the lifetime of the guitar, they are probably the item that most guitar owners will find they spend the most amount of money on (eventually, the accumulated purchases will probably add up to more than the cost of the guitar itself). There is a lot to consider when it comes to the right time and the right type of guitar strings to purchase for you and your instrument, so here are some things to consider.

How to Increase the Voice Range

Most singers if not all of them would want to increase the voice range because they will be able to hit and sustain higher notes whenever they sing. They may also be rendering their songs without much difficulty once they have attained a wider range for their voice.

Fantastic Breathing Exercises For Singing

Breathing is something that we do naturally, to learn how to do the same can sound difficult. However, it is very important for you to breathe in the right way when you sing, and there are various exercises that can help you do so. Before you learn breathing exercises for singing, here are some tips that will help better your technique.

Why Open Mics – Open Mic Tips

This article is about going to open mics and the reasons for doing so. It also has tips about getting the most out of going to open mics.

Europe’s Flourishing Festival Scene

Europe is home to a lot of festivals, many of which have been around for years. However, some of the best are newcomers to the scene. Discover what to expect from this year’s festival season.

Bending Notes and Why You Should Learn This Invaluable Technique

Have you ever heard a guitar solo from one of your favorite artists and asked yourself, “What is it that he/she does that makes their solo sound so amazing?” What guitarist hasn’t wondered that?

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