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Writing Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics – If Done As Shown Here, It’s A Great Tool for Songwriters

Keeping your lyrics interesting enough to hold your listeners attention can be a tough task. Having the tools to write effective lyrics is one of the most important things you can do as a songwriter. In this article, we’ll look at one approach for keeping your lyrics intriguing.

Things to Consider While Buying an Electric Guitar

The body style of the guitar is the first thing you will have to consider while choosing a guitar. A solid body electric guitar is the most common type of guitar and it does not have acoustic restrictions. A Semi-hollow guitar or semi solid guitar has a solid wood center with big chambers and sound holes above them. The feed back is minimal in this model because of its construction. Another type is Hollow Body guitar which is used by most of jazz guitarists. This is played acoustically but it gives feedback, with too much amplification.

iWorship Christmas – A Beautiful Holiday Sound

iWorship Christmas is a collection of great Christmas songs you can enjoy during the holiday season. There have been several CDs published over the last 10 years, and they have included most of the popular Christmas songs sung at churches all over the world.

Listening to Italian Music

One of the best ways to express oneself is through music. It can be considered as an actual universal language because it has the ability to cross borders.

Range – Vocal Coach Offers Four Tips

To expand a singer’s range, vocal coaches must be prepared to explore every trick in the book. Most singers worry about how they can learn to hit better high notes. I hope these four suggestions will help.

Violin Care – How to Care For Your Violin and Keep It in Top Shape

A violin is not an inexpensive purchase, therefore it makes sense that you should find out the best way to properly care for your violin. Learn what you need to be aware of to keep your instrument in top shape!

Different Types of Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are the most important part of your guitar. Acoustic or not, a smooth and clear sound of leads all the way back to the quality of the strings attached to it. There are two types of strings used today: the steel string and the Nylon string.

The Fascinating History of Electric Guitar

There are many inventions sprung around the early period of the 20th century about an amplified acoustic guitar-including the creation of guitar innovator Les Paul. In 1931, George Beauchamp invented the first electrically amplified guitar. In the summer of 1932, production began for the first commercially produced electric guitar by The Ro-Pat-In Corporation under the management of George Beauchamp, Paul Barth and Adolph Rickenbacker.

Keyboards for Beginning and Novice Pianists

Do you love music? Have you ever thought about making music of your own for yourself, or the enjoyment of other people? What kind of keyboard should a starting or a novice piano player choose? This is a common question among people who have become interested in music, and are looking for an instrument.

Tony Kofi

Tonfy Kofi, Jazz saxophonists rise to world fame. The extraordinary range of players he is playing with. His interesting back story. His involvement with the Monk liberation front.

Sell Rap Beats: Few Things to Consider

A lot many people don’t know about these few important things when they go to sell beats. And they end up getting less money than they thought they deserved.

Irish Songs And Their Origins

Irish music is loved the world over. Traditional Irish music can date back to the pagan songs from the Celts. The earliest Irish music that is still around today, comes at the earliest, from the 18th century.

Carmen – The World’s Favourite Opera

A history of the world’s favourite opera; Carmen. A flop when it first premiered, it now has an undisputed place in culture. Read the history and story of the composer, Georges Bizet.

Obtaining A Classic Sound Using Current Studio Equipment

Analogue sound setups in high end studios often do not sound as good as the cheap interfaces of today. Simulating quality of the past has its place in numerous projects, and sometimes it can be great for one track or an entire project. There are some very easy tricks that anyone can do to imitate the sound of classic music.

Revisiting the Legends of Upright Bass

Electric bass guitar is a young instrument-with the commercial production of P-Bass back in ’61. Before the age of pick-ups and other high-tech features, electric bass was known to legendary players as double bass. While we are deeply enamored with bass guitar prowess of James Jamerson, John Entwistle, Cliff Burton and Jack Bruce; it’s a must to go back and appreciate the players who mastered the upright bass. In an era when guitars and piano was the star of the night, these bass players put up their own show as if saying, “Enough is enough; you people need to listen because we have our own good licks here.” Perceived to be too heavy, too sloppy and soft for large halls-much like the fat guy in school who always gets bullied-these maestros put upright bass into a whole new light.

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