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The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Guitar Songs Don’t Sound Good

To start writing songs on guitar that sound the way you want them to, you are going to need to incorporate many creative approaches into your songwriting process. By integrating several methods together, you will have less trouble coming up with interesting ideas since you are not held back by the limitations of merely using a single approach…

City and Colour – “Bring Me Your Love”

A look at City and Colour’s 2nd studio release, “Bring Me Your Love”. Complete with a bare bones sound and contemplative lyrics, Dallas Green has created an album that is easy to fall in love with.

Lyric Videos: A New Trend

Lyric videos have been around for a long time, but recently, there has been a spike in their numbers. Earlier, it was mostly a fan fueled category that became popular with video sharing websites such as YouTube, where fans would make and upload their own videos.

How To Record Better Vocals For Hip Hop And Rap

Have you been recording your songs at your home studio but haven’t got that bright clear and crisp vocal sound that professional rappers and singers have? Follow some of my useful tips and techniques and put them to use while recording your next record and I promise you will see vast improvement with hardly any extra time added!

Steven Tyler: An Inside Look at the Frontman for the Aerosmith Band With Hard Driving Rock and Roll

This is one of several Articles that the author has written on Celebrity Singers and Songwriters. He is not a Music Critic so there are no negative comments about the artists that he writes about. The articles contain interesting information about the individual with information that tries to show a positive trait about the artist that is meritorious. Steven Tyler’s credentials speak volumes about his accomplishments. He is listed in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers and was inducted with Aerosmith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Besides being a singer/songwriter he plays over 10 musical instruments, is a successful author, and actor. As a judge on American Idol he was one of the better ones that they have had over the years.

La Monte Young, the First Minimalist Composer

La Monte Young is generally recognized as the first minimalist music composer. He is especially known for his development of drone music and his lengthy works conceived as “having no beginning and no end”, and contributed extensively to the study of just intonation.

Used Musical Gear – Why You Might Give a Damn!

This will be about describing the three most important and relevant things that must be in place so that a person can learn and play music and specifically how used musical gear plays a key role. The idea is that we are going to blend the theory with the practice with the instruments. So those are the three things: theory, practice and the instrument.

The Definitive Guide to the Six Best Drummers in History

Most of you appreciate music; some of you even play in a band. For those amongst you that do not play an instrument, be honest and have a think about which instruments you like the most. I am guessing it will be either the electric guitar or the drums.

Songwriters – Should You Use Good Grammar When Writing Your Lyrics?

In this article, we’ll discuss the use of grammar as it applies to your lyrics. Most of the time it’ll be ideal to be grammatically correct when you’re writing lyrics, but as you’ll see here there will also be time to break that rule.

Dean Martin and His Rise to the Summit and Beyond!

Las Vegas is home to some of the most exciting entertainment in the country; no other place in America rivals the rich history and variety of thrills located within the limits of Sin City. But just as much as people love to come and lose themselves in this modern adult wonderland, they owe the good time to a few key players in the entertainment industry who helped immortalize the city.

Improving Your Music Through The Eyes And Ears Of An Expert

Every songwriter wants to write a hit. For this reason, many of them employ the help of a professional to evaluate and improve their songs. Good music is comprised of many elements, and on top of having an ear for music, professional advice can make a song go the extra mile. An expert reviews music by considering several aspects and comparing them to certain standards.

How To Choose Upright Pianos

Generally, many households prefer upright models as compared to grand pianos because they do not occupy as much of the space as in the latter case. You can place them up against the wall in the room without disturbing the foot traffic. You can even have them set as the focal point in the room with other decorations made around them. They can bring about certain functionality to the room where you place them since they can turn out as music or recreation room. With a view to save on the cost, people prefer to buy upright pianos as listed below are some of the tips on how to buy them are given below.

The Emergence of One Direction

It is difficult to quantify success, especially with those who came on a TV show with little to no experience or expectations. Just to be on TV is an achievement for some. To arrive as a solo act and end up being put in a band of four others, who finish in third place, could be a little daunting. But One Direction seem to have taken all the hullaballoo that surrounds them in their stride.

How To Play Awesome Rock Guitar Solos

Are you struggling to come up with rock guitar ideas? Learn how to improvise tons of great rock guitar solos by reading this article.

Guitar Backing Tracks With or Without Vocals for the Rock Guitarists

If you love rock music and play the guitar, or are in the process of learning to play, the main reason you decided to learn is probably because you have a great passion for the guitar, and by learning to play you will one day be able to play some of the all time classics of rock yourself, and who knows even end up in rock band. However, whilst these are great goals to aim for, most singers and musicians will tell you that this comes at a price, as to be able to experience this musical high, you have…

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