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Make Hip Hop Beats Without A Hassle On Your Computer

Are you wondering how to make hip hop beats without hassle? Well, stop fretting and get help of online beat making software. Making beats is something every music lover wants to do; some do it for fun while others intend to take it up as a career.

A Few Good Tips On How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Making a beat is actually slang terminology for producing music. Only a short few years ago before the advent of computer software programs, making music was only restricted to people who had in depth knowledge about it and was considered a tedious task for the novices with a difficult learning curve.

How To Make Beats Online – The Basic Guide

In olden days, you had to play instruments and devices for getting a good enough beat. Drums, violins, guitars, pianos etc, had to be tweaked and played endlessly, if a good enough beat had to be generated. As if that was not enough, the beat also had to be recorded and processed at a studio, which meant loads of money going into the making and recording of a single music beat.

Here’s How You Can Earn Money By Making Beats

Did you know that you could earn money by making beats? But this is only possible if the beats you make are professional, unique and sound really fantastic on any playing device. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The Real Benefits Of Using A Beat Making Software

Gone are the days when amateur music enthusiasts used to gather loads of money to get their own studio with hi-fi equipments to make beats of their own choice. Today beat making software programs have made life easy for aspiring musicians.

Is A Beat Making Software Any Good?

In today’s times of recession, pursuing music as your interest and waiting to hit it big can be quite cumbersome. For this reason, technological advancement has come to your rescue and give you “beat making software”. Beat making software can be downloaded from any genuine, branded internet website.

Revamping Kenyan Music Online

The Chapaa remix by some Kenyan musicians is a really special song in my opinion, and it must be analyzed because of one reason: it was released around 2-3 years ago, and it is hitting now.This is something which I believed could be done in Kenya. I was a bit clueless as to how well a ‘resurrected’ track would do in Kenya, and I am quite pleased by the results!

Top 20 Rod Stewart Hits

In his fifth decade of rocking and rolling, Rod Stewart still knows how to bring down the house. Here’s a look at the former gravedigger and his 20 biggest hits.

Beat Making Program – Using Software To Create Professional Beats

Looking for a way to bring your beats to life? Read more about using a professional beat making program here (…)

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Discipline

You want to learn the guitar? Great! You probably are browsing the internet to find out what it takes to learn the guitar. I am sure that you will stumble upon the technical side of mastering this amazing instrument. But actually the first question you have to ask yourself is: am I disciplined enough to learn the guitar?

How To Make Instrumentals: 4 Simple Steps to Master the Art of Music Within 8 Minutes

Instrumentals are the best part of music. Everyone loves to create instrumental music. Interested in knowing the answer for “How to Make Instrumentals”? All you need is just expert guidance to do so and I am now going to give you 4 simple tips to create instrumentals and master the music all in just 8 minutes.

Beat Maker: Identify the Best Beat Maker in Just 10 Minutes by Just Using 3 Simple Tips

Ever wondered what is a Beat Maker? Are you interested in unleashing your creativity by creating your own music? Then Beat Maker is the right choice for you which will help you fulfill your dreams.

Top 5 OPM Bands

OPM or Original Pilipino Music is a mixture of different influences funneled to cater to a Filipino’s taste in music and hopefully, to entertain the international population too. It has evolved from an indigenous audience to worldwide appreciation, from gong playing to rock and reggae. We have numerous artists to give credit to but I would like to focus on Filipino OPM bands that made it to the mainstream from the 90s till the present.

Acoustic Drum Sizes

For many years now, going back into the 80’s, the standard size of an acoustic drum set included a 22 or 24″ kick drum, with 2 toms mounted on top, one being a 12″, one being 13″, with a 16″ floor tom and a 14″ snare. Now a days, These sizes vary from kit to kit, however the above is still one of the standards. Another includes the “pocket” kit, which is usually a 20″ kick drum, with a mounted tom around 12″ with a 14 and 16″ floor tom and a 13 or 14″ snare.

Learn Guitar Fast – Be Able to Play in No Time!

There are a few things to consider if you want to learn guitar fast. And by fast, that means being able to start playing in no time – not in years. But before anything else, remember that success that comes quickly, is apt to be gone as quickly too

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