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Top Ten Suggestions to Improve Your Guitar Skills

There are many little things that you can do everyday to step up your guitar moves. These won’t take any more time than you’re already spending in practice, they’re more a way of thinking.

Tips on How to Play The Guitar for Starters

Starting to play guitar is a daunting task for most. This article tackles this concern and helps you to start in your playing. This covers how to get a playable guitar, about learning chords and a technique that helps you smoothly play them.

The Top 3 Best Sublime Songs Of All Time – And Why

There’s no denying that Sublime is one of the most influential bands of all time. But what are their best songs? Get the scoop on the top 3 best Sublime Songs ever!

Features You Need To Make The Beat

Technology has opened the door for a lot of people to pursue passions that may have evaded them in another lifetime. Today, if you want to be a top notch beat mixer, you can become one, even if you never mixed a beat in your life. Thanks to software programs that capture all the unique sounds and intricacies of successful mixing, you, too, can become a deejay with something to say.

Top Festival Destinations for the 2011 Summer

The Best Music Festivals The summer’s top musical gatherings where you can experience the great outdoors, curse the rain, dance all day and enjoy an Angolan vegan-fusion barbecue. Glastonbury Gentrified it may be, but nothing says “festival” quite like a sprawling, rain-lashed Pilton dairy farm with the name Eavis on the letterbox. The days of free milk and getting one’s dreadlocks caught scaling the fence may be long gone, but Glasters still combines vast musical variety (meat’n’spuds main stage, banging raves in copses) with a right-on spirit and the finest Angolan vegan-fusion barbecues.

Alanis Morisette – Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette is one of the defining singers of the 90s music scene and she had her first success with her hit album Jagged Little Pill released 1995 which has sold 30 million units throughout the world and which has won her the great accolade of having the biggest selling debut album (worldwide) of all time. As we will see this is no mean feat for a singer songwriter of her pedigree. Having been born in Ottawa, Canada on 1st June 1974 (she was born only 12 minutes after her twin brother Richard).

The Range of Music and Bliss

How many of you have ever been touched in your Soul by an amazing piece of music? My guess is that there is not one person out there who can declare that they made it through life without being somehow Spiritually moved by this amazing creation and gift called music. Some could argue deafness, but I believe music is an experience not just a sound. The thing is, music evokes something much deeper than what we hear with our ears.

Motley Crue Brings the Party to Australia

Legendary hard rockers Motley Crue are set to bring their famous brand of Los Angeles rock n’ roll to Australia in September. Fans in the land down under can get their tickets now and prepare for a night of pounding beats and driving riffs that they’re sure to never forget.

Grizzly H3123 Guitar Review

In this article we review the Grizzly H3123 Stratocaster Guitar Kit. We explain why this might not be a bad place to start if thinking of a long term project guitar kit.

3 Easy Steps To Make Pop Beats That Sell

Whether you like it or not pop beats and pop instrumentals have taken the music industry by storm in the past 5 years! If you check the Billboard Charts, you will notice that the majority of the background music for chart topping songs is composed of pop beats.

Review of the Traumah Drum Library

For music producers today, it is essential that we use high quality drum sounds in beats and instrumentals. Many upcoming producers often buy drum sample kits with famous producer’s names on them.

Snark Tuner – A Chromatic Tuner Review

The Snark Chromatic Clip-on Tuner is currently available in 4 models and 3 colors: the SN-1, SN-2, SN-5 and SN-6. This Snark tuner review will look at the following:

How to Sell Beats to Rappers Online

Selling beats online is probably one of the most heavily discussed topics among producers in the 21st century. If you are a music producer or beat maker, it’s a no brainer that you must have an online presence.

Comparing the Seagull S6 and the Martin DRS1 Acoustic Guitar

In this article the Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar and the Martin DRS1 Acoustic Guitar are compared. The standard for Acoustic Guitars truly is Martin. Taylor and Blueridge is quickly taking their place on the pedestal that Martin has long occupied alone. There are many great Guitar manufacturers and names. You will soon see Seagull cementing its place in respected names. Seagull has an honorable heritage and their products are of the highest quality. How does a Seagull Guitar compare with a budget Martin Guitar?

Blues Guitar Lessons: When the Quantity Should Have Nothing to Do With the Price You Pay

Blues guitar lessons are all over the place. It can be so confusing for new guitar players who are just starting out to find the lesson that suits them. And the ever expanding internet packed full of lessons has only thickened the “guitar lessons soup”.

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