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Picking The Right Beat (4 Tips To Finding and Picking The Right Beat)

An article describing 4 tips a hip-hop artist can use to find the right beat to write to. Inspiration, beat searching, and more is is discussed in detail.

Music Blog – A Platform for Emerging Talent

Many of you might like making song covers and posting them on media sites like YouTube. But if you want to do it professionally and make your own music then a music blog is the right platform for you.

Devin Townsend “Epicloud” Album Review – The Modern Art Of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Refined

So, murmurs of commercial rock abound regarding The Devin Townsend Project’s release “EpiCloud.” Is it true? Has Dev given into the becoming a pop sensation? Find out in this album review.

Simple Tips to Succeed In the Music Industry

If you dream of becoming a famous singer one day, you need to start learning ways to get ahead in the industry. The fact is that there are thousands of people who have this particular dream but not many of them succeed in this highly competitive business. To be successful, you have to start by seeing yourself as a success.

The Brown Sound Of Edward Van Halen – Exploring the Guitar Tone of a Rock Master

Guitarists from the hard rock and heavy metal worlds have long attempted to emulate the sounds that Eddie Van Halen seemed to effortlessly throw out on the debut Van Halen album. Guitarists except it seems, Edward himself. What is it about the tone on that first album, and does Eddie have it in him to return to that classic era of tone?

Black Star Riders “All Hell Breaks Loose” Album Review – To Be Thin Lizzy, Or To Not Be Thin Lizzy?

The reformed Thin Lizzy, led by longtime guitarist Scott Gorham, decide to record new material. They make a conscious effort to evoke the Thin Lizzy sound. So, when does emulation become parody? And is that what is happening on this album by the Black Star Riders?

Music Is The Best Way To Attain Peace Of Mind

Music is one of the few activities that involve the whole brain. It is intrinsic to all cultures and can have surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development.

Getting the Best Seats Possible at Music Concerts

Getting the best seats at concerts involves careful planning and the discipline to wait outside at night for the ticket office to open in the morning. Here we offer some help in getting the seats you desire.

Virtual Drums and Drumming in the 21st Century

This article gives some basic information that will help you decide whether playing the drums is for you. Explores low cost options.

Starting to Play the Drums

Beginner’s approach to playing the drums. The basics to consider before buying a drum kit.

Suffering From Success

From the onset Khaled raises the bar for compilation albums by including the biggest star in the free world. Including Obama on an album already flush with stars tells the whole tale from track one “I’m suffering from success.”

Things You Need To Look For When You Download Rap Beats

If you want to go far in the hip hop industry, you will need high quality rap instrumentals. I’m not trying to downplay the importance of lyrics, but without an instrumental, nobody will want to listen to your music.

The 3 Stages Of A Singer

When we begin to sing its like going on a journey of discovery with our voice, so much is new, and never felt before. Its also a time to be careful, and to develop lasting good habits rather than bad ones that could set us on a fatal course, and never reach our destination.

Creating An Original Instrumental On Guitar

How I came to create my first guitar instrumental. Believe it or not I always wanted to do this and the way that this happened is rather uncanny. The creative process is sometimes quite unique.

No Problems – Just Solutions Not Yet Found!

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine, who seemed a little inundated with organising an event. She had 50 tickets to sell and in her words – only ten days to sell them. She said she has a big problem on her hands – because she had always sold out. However, when I mentioned that that was only 5 tickets per day, and if she asked each of her friends to sell at least 2 tickets for her between now and then, then she would no longer have any problem, but a full house.

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