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Songwriters – Want to Write a Timeless Song?

When you write a song, think of it as something that will last forever. In this article, we’ll look at a couple of things you can avoid, that can help preserve your song as time moves along.

Music to Your Ears: An Overview of Orchestra Instruments

Orchestras started appearing in the early centuries for festivals and entertainment. These musical ensembles consist of different instruments such as violins, pianos, and, horns. A modern orchestra may also include Yamaha clarinets. Read on to learn more about the orchestra and the instruments included in the ensemble.

Get To Know Some Information About Dubstep Music

Dubstep is a genre of music and to be more specific it is a genre of electronic music. Conventionally, the genre is known for its hard-hitting and slow baselines and the vocals were not previously audible to the listeners due to the wobbly bass sound. However, in the North American style of this genre, vocals are more common.

What’s the Difference – Rap vs Hip-Hop?

The differences in the rap and hip-hop music scene aren’t rigidly defined. In many cases, a lot of people are likely to agree that rap is more a style of spoken rhythmic music, whereas hip-hop is more of a cultural phenomenon, which includes trends and fashions.

One Direction Inspired Merchandise

The rapidly increasing popularity of the group One Direction is continuing to grow, which has resulted in more and more promotional gifts and branded merchandise hitting the shelves. In what has been a relatively short time, no one can deny that the five piece boy band have done extremely well for themselves, not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States, where they are equally adored by friends. It has become clear that 1D is without doubt the biggest group act to emerge from the UK version of The X Factor.

Top 5 Women Who Can Rock!

Rock N’ Roll has always been primarily a man’s game. Yet, Rock music has always been even more so an underdog’s game. Find out who are the best female rock musicians of all time!

Pondering the Mystery of Cat Stevens Moonshadow

One of the biggest hits on the charts back in the day of its release was Cat Stevens Moonshadow. It was a great song with mysterious lyrics. This article ponders and attempts to unravel the deeper message.

Review: Angel Witch (UK) – As Above, So Below (2012)

Heavy metal reviews! Review about Angel Witch’s new comeback album As Above, So Below from 2012.

Review: Striker (CAN) – Eyes in the Night (2010)

Striker is a canadian speed metal band formed in 2007. The band released their first demo in 2008 and first EP in 2009 called Road Warrior. This is a young band with fresh guys in heavy metal field.

Tips For Beginners Who Are Taking Basic Guitar Lessons

Are you interested in taking up basic guitar lessons? Don’t go rushing to register for any course yet. I have some important tips for you and I believe you need to know them first. By the end of this article you should have a better understanding of guitar classes and what is expected of you.

Developing a Powerful Vocal

Amateur singers will have to spend time doing some exercises if they would like to develop a powerful vocal. It is also necessary for them to learn how to do the exercises correctly so that they do not end up injuring their vocal cords. The right vocal exercises should supplement the training program that amateur singers are undergoing.

Learning How to Play a Musical Instrument

There are a number of benefits that have become a major appeal for those that want to learn a musical instrument such as discipline, relaxation, boosting confidence and improving your sense of achievement. If you want to feel the satisfaction of playing your instrument, then learning is a great way of reaping those benefits.

Choosing the Correct Wedding Band for Your Special Day

We have all been to those types of events where the act or band that is entertaining just isn’t cutting it. Wrong music, wrong look, wrong attitude. Maybe they are playing their own original music which is not exactly right for a wedding in my opinion.

4 Steps to Buying Hip Hop Beats

Buying beats in today’s day and age is easier than ever. Back in the day you had to do extensive research to find a hip hop producer, but now a days you can just turn on your Google search engine and type in ”buy beats” and you’ll get thousands of website results in seconds. Sounds pretty easy right?

How to Make a Living As a Rapper

Rapping is no easy job. And unlike a regular job where you are guaranteed a paycheck every month, in rap there are times when there is no paycheck. And in all likelihood that’s gonna probably be the case. But do not be discouraged, because today we have something called the internet. Were there are millions of hungry listeners dying to hear your music. You just have to know how to get to them.

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