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Electronic Music Software – How To Choose One? 3 Simple Points

If you are trying to find the most suitable electronic music software for your needs, then this article presents you some criteria to assist you in this decision. By evaluating some criteria, it is possible to narrow down the choices. Here are three simple points to start with.

Electronic Music Production Software – 3 Widely Used Tools

In this article, I have outlined three widely used electronic music production software opportunities. Each one of them is capable of producing high-end results, and they all suit for electronic music exceptionally well. Use any of them to start creating world-class beats.

Best Acoustic Guitars – Top 5 Martin Acoustic Guitars

The Top 5 Martin Acoustic Guitars have finally been gathered here for you to learn more about. These models include the D-28, D-18, HD-28, D-35 and D-45. The popularity data for these particular instruments was gathered over a six month time frame. These are the Best Acoustic Guitars including the top 5 Martin Acoustic Models. But these are only the top 5.

The History of the Hawaiian Ukuleles

Hawaiian ukuleles are one of the most popular cultural symbols known to man. Along with hula dancing and fire eating, Hawaii is also known for this instrument. The ukulele is smaller version of the guitar that has a unique and different sound. Hawaiian ukuleles are known as some of the best in the world and have a special place in musician’s hearts.

Ukuleles and the Expansion From the Hawaiian Culture

Ukuleles are one of the most popular instruments known to man. This instrument is highly associated with Hawaiian culture and is a fixture in almost every Hawaiian performance that is shown to the public. Ukuleles have one of the most unique musical sounds and one of the more unique designs as well. This instrument was a copy of the “machete” which was introduced to the Hawaiians in the early 19th century.

Best Electronic Music Software – 4 Pristine Quality Programs

If your goal is to produce electronic music, then having a capable software is one of the most important links in the chain. To help you make a step closer towards choosing your best electronic music software, this article outlines the advantages of four programs that can deliver pristine quality and are packed with necessary tools.

Free Electronic Music Software – Choices To Start With Right Now

If you are looking for a free electronic music software, then this article lists some music production programs that enable you to start music right now, without spending a dime. Being surprisingly close to the professional ones in their capabilities, these programs can be an excellent solution for someone who is on a low budget, or just wants to give it try without having to invest a lot of money.

Software For Electronic Music – 6 Programs That Suit This Genre

If you are searching for a software for electronic music production, then this article presents you six highly capable programs. All these digital audio workstations suit the genre of electronic music due to the MIDI and VST instrument support.

Hip Hop Culture in Music

Hip hop became part of modern culture during the ’80s and over the years, it has become a lifestyle for many. Based on unique new art forms that developed in the streets because of a need for self expression, it is commonly known to contain four elements: DJ-ing, MC-ing (rapping), Graffiti and B-Boying. This article is going to look specifically look at hip hop culture in music.

Electronic Music Software – 3 Low Budget Options

Electronic Music Software can be quite expensive, especially a decent one, which is capable of producing the same sounds and beats that get steady airplay on mainstream radio stations. Here are three programs that deliver notably high value for a relatively low price.

Matt Schofield’s Blues Guitar Artistry DVD Review

Matt Schofield’s Blues Guitar Artistry DVD gives us a glimpse into the creative process of one blues guitar’s rising stars. In this DVD, Matt Schofield talks about his playing style, technique and advanced harmonic concepts. He also discusses the early blues masters that have influenced his own playing.

Songwriters – How to Stop Forgetting Your Lyrics When You’re Performing

A lot of performing songwriters share the fear of forgetting their lyrics when they’re playing in front of an audience. Even though you probably thought that’s an incurable problem, there are things you can do to help keep those lyrics flowing. We’ll look at them here.

JamPlay – The Best Guitar Training For My Daughter

JamPlay is the online “go to” when I want to encourage my daughter to learn guitar. She really enjoys strumming her guitar and thanks to JamPlay what I hear is not just noise but music that is easier on my ears to listen to. My daughter really loves being able to learn how to play guitar on her own time schedule instead of being locked into a weekly time slot that fits the instructor’s calendar.

A New Generation Of Female Reggae Singers

Reggae Music has long been dominated by male voices. Here are some of the current and emerging female Reggae singers.

Bogner Amps – The History of the World’s Finest Amplifiers

In 1989, Reinhold Bogner revolutionized the guitar amplifier after moving to the United States from Germany. After rebuilding Eddie Van Halen’s famous Marshall Plexi, Bogner went on to design some of the world’s best production guitar amps.

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