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Where Can I Find More Music Like Bonobo? Where To Start From

If you want to find more music like Bonobo, then this article outlines some suggestions to start with. Here are a few tactics and considerations.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Review

If your are thinking of buying your first guitar or maybe a guitar for your son or daughter the Epiphone DR-100 would be an excellent choice.It is an all round good guitar for a learner that will not break the bank and can be upgraded at a later date.

Festival Clothing

This article is all about how to prepare for festivals. Either for a one-day festival or a festival that would last several days it does not matter. We have the best advices for you to spend a great time and enjoy the gathering with the people around you. My article will provide you with all the tips you need to get the most out of it so enjoy reading it.

Exploring Online Jazz Drum Lessons

As we all know, jazz drumming is one of the most admired forms of drumming. Jazz is a soothing music that gives every listener a whimsical sensation. Due to the popularity of this music genre, many drummers seek to master jazz drumming.

Achieving The Expert Level With Bass Drum Lessons

Are you fascinated with music? Do you have a spark of interest when it comes to playing a musical instrument? Today, people consider skillful music men as cool, thus, there are so many people in this world who try to learn some playing skills.

How To Maintain Your Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are the most important part of any guitar and if you are going to have a nice guitar you need to have nice strings and maintaining your strings is one of the biggest tasks you have to handle in maintaining the guitar. Guitar strings are fragile and so they need extra special care; if you are not going to be giving them the attention they need then you might as well not buy them in the first place. There are a few steps that are important in maintaining your guitar strings; here are some things to keep in…

How To Hold An Effective Rehearsal

  Holding rehearsals is very important to any band but if the rehearsals are going to be a waste of time then they are not going to be very helpful. In order for the rehearsals to be worthwhile then they need to be productive and have positive results, sometimes this might be a bit challenging to accomplish, but there are a few tips to follow that can greatly improve the success rate of your rehearsal. Because they are so important to the success of your band I suggest you keep reading to find out how you can…

Guitar Amps – A Brief History

The guitar amp as we know it today has changed much since its original inception. The meek, low voltage amplifier of the early twentieth century gave way to much more powerful, louder beasts as technology and knowledge of amplification increased.

Steve Augeri’s Different Journey

After a ten-year stint at the mic with Journey, Steve Augeri is back with new material and a sound all his own. No more Steve Perry comparisons, this is a singer/songwriter has a sound all his own.

Your Wedding Band Is Not Co-Operating – What To Do Next

You’ve made all the best arrangements for your forthcoming wedding, or so you think. What would you do if the wedding band you hire starts dragging its feet on various issues? You’ll have so many different things to complete in time for your big day that you can hardly afford to get into arguments about last minute details. At the same time, you can hardly afford to let the matter slide because music is a very important element of the arrangements for the big day. The right music will ensure that your guests have a great time and it will also help you give the day your personalized touch.

Hiring Wedding Bands At Short Notice – Things to Do When You’re Rushed

Have you finished making all the arrangements for your upcoming wedding, all the way down to the band that will play on that day? Wedding bands should always be booked well in advance because the best ones tend to be booked well in advance. However, you just might need to hire a band at very short notice; not everyone has a very long engagement. You might even face a problem if the musicians you booked bail out on you at the last minute. You’ll need to scramble to make arrangements since you can’t very well expect to have a wedding without beautiful musical accompaniment.

Tips to Be a Good Guitarist

To be a good guitarist is an easy task if you have the passion to be one. Being a good guitarist may not even require you to get lessons from a professional, but it will certainly require abundance of time, profuse concentration, dedication and devotion.

The Meaning of the Silent All These Years Lyrics by Tori Amos

Tori Amos is a dynamic performer, brilliant songwriter, accomplished pianist, and all-around cool, cool lady. But sometimes, deciphering her poetic song lyrics can be a puzzle, especially her “Silent All These Years” lyrics. Here’s my best attempt to decipher these intriguing lyrics…

Guitars: Several Differences Between Archtop and Flattop Guitars

When you sit an archtop guitar next to a normal flattop guitar, there are obvious visual differences. However, you might not know what these differences mean for the guitar in terms of sound and other features. The different parts of these guitars end up creating some different sounds and actions that help give its type its own guitar category.

Baby Grand Pianos – Great Reasons To Buy One

Are you thinking of buying a piano? If anyone at home knows how to play this instrument, there isn’t much discussion as to whether purchasing a piano makes sense. However, once you start thinking about the huge investment that would go into buying one, people do tend to think twice. In this case, look at how a piano will benefit you and your household so you can prove the cost. If you are considering looking at baby grand pianos on the market, there are many reasons to go ahead with the purchase.

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