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What’s to Be and What’s Not to Be Considered As Music?

Not every composition out of musical sounds can be considered as Music. Music proper can’t occur without melody.

Gospel Rap – More Than Just Rap

If you’re going to ‘rap’ for the Lord, then you will have to say what thus says the Lord… that is the only way your ministry can be effective; soul-winning effective that is… and that’s what I’ll cover in this article! Who am I? Just a considerably seasoned man who has ministered through the genre of rap for more than twenty years.

Game Music: “New” Type of Music to Dwell In

Game music is not new obviously. However, except some gamers, few people pay attention to game music. Yet, if one can first grasp a feeling about this type of music, one will gradually find it more than enjoyable.

Electronic Dance Music – From Public Nuisance to a Respectable Profession

Just two decades ago, people used to get horrified with the tales tabloids used to tell of drug fueled profligacy linked to electronic dance music. Two decades later, seeking a DJing or rapping career or following the hip hop culture has become the new “in thing” among the youngsters. So how did the public opinion on electronic dance music change so dramatically in such a short span of time?

Get The Best Instruments At The Best Prices

Music is something that is all around us, in different forms throughout the day. Different people like different instruments, and learn or experiment with those sounds accordingly. There are a number of cities and states that have picked up on this tendency of people to gravitate towards music, and have set up stores which sell musical instruments.

Add Some Excitement With Live Music

It doesn’t matter what kind of party scene you are into, don’t forget to visit places that offer live music. You can experience the thrill and excitement of listening to a real band in your spare time.

Remembering the Music of the 60s

The 1960s is the year where pop and rock and roll music are soaring. This is also the year where an all male pop group called The Beatles started to flourish and sweep all the girls off their feet. Their pop-rock music has invaded the world and became the most requested songs.

Vocal Congestion – In Need of a Cure? We’ve Got It

In this column, I would like to talk about a common problem among many aspiring singers: singing with the nasal voice. Often at both the amateur and even professional level you will hear singers that sound like they are literally whining instead of singing. The sound they are producing is very thin and nasal because they are incorrectly singing through their nose. The mistake they are making is…

Are Online Music Lessons a Better Value Than Taking From a Live Teacher?

Which option is better to choose? An online music lesson or a live teacher. In my consideration live teacher is better option to choose.

Painting Pictures With Songs About Places

There are many songs with the names of places in their titles. Big cities like New York and Paris are subjects in many tunes’ lyrics. We chose to write a spring song about our small town.

Singers – Understand How These 5 Aspects of Your Vocal Delivery Will Affect Your Melodies

Melodies are composed of two parts: pitch and rhythm. However, singers often infuse their own stamp on melodies with their unique vocal deliveries.

The Top Country Music Artists

Determining who the top country music artists are isn’t easy because there are so many of them. One of the ways to do so is to look at how their albums sell and how popular they are with country music fans around the world.

The Value of Music in My Life

What value does music have in your life? For me, it’s quite simple!

Nine Biggest Myths About Learning Piano

When it comes to learning how to play the piano there are many myths or should I say “reasons” that prevent many from taking action and getting piano lessons. Here are the 9 most common ones that I keep hearing over and over.

Tips On Buying a Piano

A piano is a timeless instrument that for the novice or non-player can seem pretty intimidating. After all, there are 88 keys on a standard piano, some are black, and if you play the wrong keys together, it makes a terrible sound! If you’re looking to purchase a piano, there are some things you should look for in the piano so that you get the most out of your purchase.

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