Legendary Pedal Designer Jeorge Tripps Shows Off The CRAZY New MXR Poly Blue & Way Huge Atreides!

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Surprise Best New Artist: Esperanza Spalding

When Esperanza Spalding graced the stage to receive her surprise trophy for Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy awards, she was not the only one with her mouth agape. With shocked but gracious humility, she managed a “Thank you to the Academy for even nominating me,” as the crowd’s response was a hushed whisper “Who is Esperanza Spalding?”

Bolero History

This is a brief description of the history of Bolero rhythm. A beautiful romantic music and dance which had is golden era between the 1935-1965 but that has never really gone away. This music, believed to have been born in Cuba, really belongs to the whole collective of Latinos and it has been listened & danced during many generations of Latino-americans.

The Top 5 Best Mannheim Steamroller Songs Of All Time, And Why

Best known for Christmas and holiday music, Mannheim Steamroller’s Fresh Aire album series showcases some of their greatest work. Read on for the top 5 best Mannheim Steamroller songs of all time.

The Sounds of the City

This is a short article about the Sounds I heard growing up on the streets of NYC, and how they shaped my life. Do enjoy!

Songwriters – Improve Your Songs by Being Specific When Writing Your Lyrics

As a music listener, something you may have noticed when you’re listening to lyrics, is that insanely specific lyrics tend to capture your attention far more than vague lyrics. Sometimes as songwriters, we tend to shy away from getting too specific, because we feel it’ll start to become unrelatable. We start to think that we need to keep things vague, so that anyone can understand what we’re saying. It’s counterintuitive to realize that writing very specific lyrics is more relatable than writing generic lyrics.

The Top 10 Best Female Indie Singers Today – And Why

There are a ton of talented independent female artists out there. Who makes the top of the list? Get the scoop on the current 10 best female indie singers.

The Most Famous Country Songs of All Time

Country music always belongs in anybody’s list of favorite genres. The country songs never fail to place for the billboard’s hottest hits. Here are the Most famous songs of all time still heard played on radio stations and requested by listeners worldwide.

Foster The People – Where It Can All Go Wrong

I’m sure that you are aware of the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by ‘Foster The People’. Known as the band’s breakthrough song, but did it help or hinder the success of their debit album?

Tips on How To Become A Good Singer, How To Sing Better For Girls

Are you one of those people who are dreaming to become a good singer? Then you must have to think first on how to sing better for girls. This would give you more ideas and tips on how to sing better. After that, you may become a singing sensation all over the world.

Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording acoustic guitar and achieving excellent results can be a difficult task. There are so many variables that come into play from the player, the guitar itself, to the types and positions of the microphones you choose to use. But with a little planning and careful attention to detail it is possible to produce really great-sounding tracks.

Great Party Ideas: How to Make The Best Karaoke Party Ever

If you are planning to throw a party but don’t really know what kind of theme you want to have; a karaoke party is a great way to go! Planning the best karaoke party ever is really easy.

Five Greatest Karaoke Duets Songs Ever

It’s easy to get uncomfortable especially if singing is not your passion, but it doesn’t have to be a cut-throat competition as to whose voice sounds the best. It’s all about having fun and singing all together as a group.

Leave The Music To The Wedding Band!

One of the most personal and important decisions you can make when planning a wedding is to do with the type of music to be played or the entertainment type you would prefer. Other essential considerations to be factored in include the venue, style, budget and size of the wedding you would want. No matter what you want, there are many excellent entertainer options to opt for when it comes to the type of music that you would want.

7 Keys to Heighten Your Musical Experience

“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.” J.A. Wheeler, Physicist “If you haven’t found something surprising in a day, it hasn’t been much of a day.” Expanding on JA Wheeler’s thought from a musical perspective has yielded some interesting thoughts and videos. Take time to find the surprises.

Seven Top Free Digital Music Services

It’s the age of freebies. These days, we can download e-books, stream movies, and listen to music, all for free – and legally! It’s just a question of where to find these goodies.

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