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Composers Corner – A Brief Biography of Wolfgang A Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most prolific classical music composers ever. In addition to 41 symphonies, 22 operas and close to a dozen masses and other large choral works (including his Requiem, which was left unfinished at his death), Mozart composed hundreds of chamber music pieces for various solo instruments and ensembles. The video clip that accompanies this article is the final scene from “The Marriage of Figaro.” The performers include Bryn Terfel [Figaro], Alison Hagley [Susanna], Rodney Gilfrey [Count Almaviva], and Hillevi Martinpelto [Countess Almaviva]. The conductor is John Eliot Gardiner.

The Wide Array of Love Comparisons in Popular Songs

The noun that comes up most frequently in popular songs is love. Often the word is used in comparison with a different concept in either a simile or metaphor. Some tunes compare love to something beautiful or desirable, while others describe it with an unfavorable concept.

Juke Box Jive

This article is about the jukebox, a record machine that was very popular several years ago. These machines were great to look at and sounded fantastic.

The Rise In DJ Popularity Despite Raging Debates

Disk Jockeys or DJs are emerging as the show stoppers in today’s parties, festivals and weddings. They are the latest and the coolest avatars of the young generation’s culture, irrespective of the musical talent and conventional training. However, like everything that is new and happening, DJs have their fair share of allegations and raged debates over the legitimacy and effects of their activities.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Audition

Every audition comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. Follow these three quick tips and tricks to successfully nail your audition. They are very simple, but incredibly important to remember!

Helpful Hints for Starting Your Own Rock Band!

Forming your very own rock band is a goal almost every drummer has! But sometimes, it can be difficult to get started. Follow these helpful hints in preparing to form your own rock band!

Alison Krauss: Bluegrass County Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Lifetime Grammy’s and More

Alison Krauss’ destiny with music started at an early age. She began studying classical violin at the age of five but soon switched to bluegrass. When she was 16 years of age in 1987 she released her debut solo album Too Late to Cry. Her next album in 1990 was I’ve Got That Old Feeling and was notable as she earned her first Grammy Award for it. In 1995 her album Now That I Found You: A Collection was a compilation or older releases and some covers of her favorite works by other artists. The album sold two million copies and became her first double-platinum album. Alison has won many awards over the years but some people are not aware that she is tied with Quincy Jones in second place as a winner for the highest number of Grammy Awards overall. Each has received 27 Grammys. Even though Alison is primarily known as a country and bluegrass singer she has shown her diversity time and again. She has collaborated with former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant on the album Raisin Sand. Two of my favorite songs on it are “Gone Gone Gone” (Done Moved On) and “Killing The Blues.”

The Four Necessary Fundamental Exercises Every Drummer Needs to Know!

This article digs deeper into the necessary fundamental framework for every drummers. This includes: eights, triplet grid, and double beat. Read now to learn more.

History Of The Classic Rock

When you think of history or the classic rock what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like me, 60’s/70’s rock is what defines classic rock. This is a glimpse of my recollection of that history.

The Importance of Discovering New Music

What is the importance of listening to new music? It’ll be described here.

What Guitar Players Should Bring To A Gig

I would always recommend bringing a surge protector for your equipment. Ever since I had a friend who had a power surge destroy all the gear he was using that night, I have recommended this to all my friends. Nothing is worse than…

The Basics of Electric Guitar Pedals

The most famous guitar pedal is probably the wah pedal. The wah pedal, getting its name from its trademark “wah wah” sound, is a pedal commonly associated with guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine.) It is controlled like a gas pedal on a car, pushing down and up adjusts the filter that creates the “wah wah” effect. A good song to hear this on is…

Slow and Steady – Learning Guitar Solos Correctly

Playing guitar is based on muscle memory, among other things, so just as in sports you have to train to get it right. When learning a solo or tricky part of a song, I would suggest starting out by slowing the song down on a program such as audacity and listening to the notes that are being played. It has worked best…

Picking Out Your Electric Guitar

When choosing your guitar, you want to pick one out to fit your style and sound. Sound, or “Tone” as guitarists refer to it, mainly comes from pickup selection, but can also come from the selection of wood types, the hardware on the guitar…

A Brief History of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Formed in 1891, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is generally considered to be one of the country’s finest classical music ensembles. The person who clearly had the greatest impact on turning the Chicago Symphony into a world-class orchestra was Georg Solti. The Hungarian-born conductor served as music director from 1969 until 1991

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