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No Piano? What to Do When There Is No Piano – Keyboard Part?

What to do when there is no piano keyboard part to a song? This is a question many of us keyboard players face.

Recording Music At Home On A Computer

Helpful hints to those who would like to record music at home. Also included is a quick summary of my recording process, as I pound out song after song on my home computer.

The Best Steve Vai Albums – My Top 3 and Why

The article discusses my personal favourites when it comes to the Best Steve Vai albums. Questions of this kind always throw me a bit off balance, probably partly because the answers may vary from day to day. Anyway, here are today’s top 3 with short explanations as to why them.

The Yngwie Malmsteen Tone – Simply Superb

Yngwie Malmsteen’s tone is somewhat different from the tones one can hear among other guitar heroes, and it is great. So how does he get that tone, and how can you go about trying to find it? ‘Tis the theme of this article.

Be a Star With Your Guitar!

A guitar has always been a sign associated with rock stars and seriously, who here doesn’t want to be one? Maybe not literally a rock star because you might just be a lawyer or an engineer, but even the senior most counsels in her Majesty’s chambers have their own passions and at least one of them is an air guitarist in his free time.

Four Time Tested Girl-Power Songs – And One Strange Coincidence

They have been hailed as female empowerment anthems by generations of young girls and women. These timeless tunes pack a girl-power punch that lyrically addresses feminine strength, goals and values with accurate insight and conviction. And while all of these anthems were performed and released by female vocalists, they were all written by men.

How To Find The Best Music Software Online

Isn’t it time you found out more about music converter, read this article now! Many of us are lovers of music. We listen to tracks for leisurely purposes. Because of the internet, it is now possible to find the music that we want anytime

Getting Radio Play With Your Songs And The Beats You Download

The best way to get your music out and exposed to a larger audience is with radio play. Regardless if it’s played on your local radio station or through online radio stations.

Music Loops – Fun and Functional Song Construction Tool

Music Loops are drum, bass, piano, or other sound snippets, usually 1 to 4 bars in length. Using loops can make the act of writing and arranging your music more fun and productive.

School Girl Drop Out Yet a Huge Mega Star!

Avril dropped out of school after the 11th grade, moved to New York to start concentrating on her musical career. Things did not turn out the way she expected it to. Her short-lived time in New York brought her to Los Angeles, California because she did not see satisfying results. Moving to the West Coast, Avril started working with producer/songwriter Cliff Magness on her debut album. The fruits of this hard work with Cliff started blooming after her first single “Complicated” was released.

25 Facts I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know About Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.”

Think you know the Boss? You claim you’re a really big fan? Well, how many of these interesting facts about Bruce Springsteen’s landmark album “Born In The U.S.A.” did you know?

Ever Wonder About Your Favorite Electronic Music Genre?

This is a post about the many different forms of electronic music. I’m sure there’s at least one you’re curious about!

The Top 3 Songs Of Simple Plan – And Why

When it comes to Pop-Punk there are not many bands who can actually claim the title of really connecting with their fans. Their songs are engaging and most definitely touching. Get the scoop of the 3 top songs of Simple Plan.

Rising Popularity of Dubstep Music

There is no doubt that dubstep music is quickly taking center stage in the American culture. Britney Spears, Justin Beiber and Rihanna, all have been snowboarding on the snowy mountains cape of one the best dubstep music this genre has ever put forward.

Why Music Is Important For Little Children?

Children who play a musical instrument from a young age have some great benefits compared to other children. They learn to be persistent and to reach their goals by repeating many times the same piece again and again until it is completely mastered.

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