Is Digital The New Analogue For Recording Guitar? Lets Find Out With The The Antelope Audio Zen Go!

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Songwriters – 6 Quick Tips for Writing Lyrics

Sometimes lyric writing can feel like an overwhelming task. This article outlines a few quick tips to get you in the right direction next time you sit down to write lyrics.

The Violin – Reasons To Learn To Play the Violin

As a youth, I was as I am now, a keen violinist, but the instrument of my choice was not considered as cool as the guitar. Being in the school orchestra did not get you on the “A” list to get into Parties, and neither did hanging out in the school violin club which marks you as a “Geek.” So why learn to play the violin?

Most Expensive Music Memorabilia

For the most avid music fans and serious collectors, money is no object when it comes to owning rare items that once belonged to music legends. The following pieces of music memorabilia are some of the most expensive ones ever sold in the market: 1. The final manuscript of the Ninth Symphony by Beethoven Ludwig Van Beethoven’s ingenuity went far beyond his time, making him one of the most timelessly admired musicians in the world.

How to Host an Outdoor Disco

Enjoy the summer by partying together with your friends. Find out what you need to know to host an outdoor disco.

How to Remember the Order of the Modes – For Guitar Players

Modes can be a subject that can send shivers down the spine for several guitar players. The concept of modes as such is not that complicated, it is nothing but a major or minor scale starting from a particular place. Anyway, we are not here to teach you the theory behind the modes. What we are going to try today is to initiate you to the world of modes by introducing you to their names and giving you some suggestions on how you can remember them.

The Violin – Electric Violins And The Loop Station

When I first started to play the violin in the early sixties, the electric violin while not actually frowned on by the purists, was an unknown quantity and as such was looked on with misgivings. As a young lad I pretty soon didn’t want to play classical violin, but having seen “Curved Air” at a rock concert with their excellent electric violinist Daryl Way, I started to look for a means of electrifying my violin.

Proper Posture for Better Singing

Individuals who would like to improve their singing need to develop proper posture. This may sound very simple but it can affect the way that they sing. Singers are able to produce sounds better if they maintain the right position of the different body parts that are needed while standing or sitting.

Karaoke Disc Type Information

Information on the various types of karaoke discs. Learn about their song formats and which machines will play them.

How Can Young Music Composers Enhance Skills Through Music Forums?

Internet serves as the best tool to gain insight into several things. Just like you can conduct research for your school project online, you can also get lots of information about the entertainment industry, religion, finance, politics and everything that you read and watch through other mediums of communication.

Enjoy Ballroom Rentals at Affordable Packages

Wedding is the most memorable and special occasion in everyone’s life. To make the occasion special and spectacular, there are many things and many planning are set to make the day ‘special’.

The Different Styles of Headphones That One Can Purchase

With that increased availability of portable music, the need for outstanding headphones has increased right along side of it. The only problem is, with more and more choices in types of headphones, it’s tough to pick just headphone styles are the best.

Bruce Springsteen Political Activist

Born on September 23, 1949, in Freehold, New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen assembled his famous E-Street Band while playing the bar circuit. His break-out record “Born to Run” united the working class of America with arena rock. He has long been associated with left-leaning political causes.

How Hard Is It To Make Beats From Scratch and How Can You Do It?

If you make beats from scratch then you definitely have talent. In fact, making anything from scratch lets the world know that you are very gifted. In the world of music, your creativity and artistry are tested if you make something out of nothing. But even if you want to do this, you have to know how to do it right and combine it with your passion and love for your craft.

Top 5 Easy To Use Beat Making Programs

Beat making programs are continuously being created to help the aspiring musician with the goal of creating his or her own kind of music. Each artist tries to find a genre to work with and to help them realize their goal they have to acquire programs that will help them put together music that fits the needs and wants of today’s generation of music lovers. Starting out is not easy so these budding music makers need to get all the available help they can get.

How to Promote Your Music in 2012

A couple of decades ago it was unlikely an aspiring musician would get the opportunity to record their own music. If you were in a band and wanted to record a proper sounding album you would need to be signed to a record label which would pay for the advance for you to make an album. The advances in digital recording in the last decade have it made it possible for musicians with even a modest budget and proper skills to make something that may be worth listening to.

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