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Finding the Best Party Venues

When everyone gets included in party planning, most of the time it’s difficult deciding where a party to held. The best party venues selection for many reasons.

“The Dead Daisies” Album Review – Jon Makes the Noise-Work?

Jon Stevens, Australasian rock star from Noiseworks and one of the first non-Hutchence INXS singers – back with a real vintage sounding rock band. Should he be?

Why Use Music And Movement Activity Props In Teaching Kids

Using music and movement props will help teach your kids about social activities. These activities can develop your child’s social skills, along with listening and thinking skills.

Review – Michael Jackson Compilation Album: “XSCAPE”

I’m actually not sure if I could give a justifiable review for this highly-anticipated compilation album. But I can’t stop myself from blabbing about this newly released album of the one, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. So I’ve decided to have a quick and short – fangirling – review just to please my satisfaction to share how much I really love this amazing album.

Diminished Seventh Chords Pt1

Diminished seventh chords are some of the most multifaceted and useful chords in the musicians toolbox. However, it’s also due to these chords somewhat mysterious and ambiguous nature that the average musician does not fully take advantage of what they have to offer. An average guitarist who has been playing a while generally knows a few chord fingerings, and if required to do so, can plunk out a diminished seventh chord here or there. Usually though, that is as far as it goes. Well, in this article, let’s peel back some layers on this wonderful and useful chord.

Rockin’ Around the Clock

Was Bill Haley the father of rock ‘n’ roll? He and his Comets released what is arguably the first rock ‘n’ roll recording 60 years ago.

Finding Party Space Rental That Is Big Enough for Your Events

There are many different types of events that get planned each day. Some of them are quite large. Finding a party space rental that is big enough for the event is very important.

What If I Played A Song On Guitar Backwards?

Songs, tunes, chord changes, and musical progressions all move in a cohesive direction that if strong enough, implies it can go only one way. That’s what convinces us that a song sounds right or good. Nevertheless, a song’s patterns can be extracted, twisted, turned and even played backwards for better or worse. The idea is to borrow elements in the chord patterns that work well together. Sometimes if you pick the right combinations of chords from certain tunes, you can play them backwards and come up with your own original idea.

How To Live Stream Your Concert

5 crucial steps for streaming quality live online concerts. Learn how to broadcast your event and engage your live online audience with these practical suggestions.

Embrace the Power of Song and Music

Embrace the power of song and music. There are many ways in which to learn how to express yourself, and song and music is one of these ways.

Lesson On Effective Guitar Practice: Eliminating Mistakes

All guitar players essentially do the same thing for the same goal: They practice hard in order to ‘get it right’. After practicing guitar the right way for a long time you will gain a lot of enthusiasm as you build your playing skills. Bad news is, at a certain point your excitement is likely to drop as you begin to fear ‘making mistakes’. This usually happens when you want to perform on stage or make recordings – leading to a lot of big problems…

Online Recording Studio

A recording studio is a facility that is used for recording sound as well as mixing. Usually, the studio is a room that consists of a studio room for the vocalists as well as instrumentalists and a control room for the sound engineers. With this kind of studio, people who want to record songs will physically have to travel there.

Claw Hammer

The claw hammer technique was very popular in early Americana even up through the early 1900s. It was forgotten for a while, but it has made a comeback. It is a very efficient playing technique. It combines economy of motion with the right hand (assuming you are right handed of course), and adds finger slides and hammer-ons and pull-offs with the left hand to creative a distinctive style with its own musical texture.

Kevin Sharp’s Wish

Wishes are made to be granted. It’s a lesson singer-songwriter Kevin Sharp taught legions of fans, friends and admirers.

How Can a Metronome Aid Your Music Practice

Practicing your music with a metronome will help you improve your rhythm and the quality of your playing. It is a helpful tool amateur musicians should especially use while practicing so that they learn to pay more attention to their timing.

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