11-years-old ARON HODEK playing a 1964 Fender Jazz Bass at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Types of Guitars Available For Purchase Online

Guitars are a musical instrument from the string family. For over a thousand years, guitars have helped to bring new elements to music, shape new genres, and uniquely express the player. Usually, guitars have six strings which are plucked while notes are formed by finger placements on the neck of the instrument. Variations of guitars include Classical & Nylon String Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic-Electric Guitars, and Electric Guitars.

Rockabilly’s “Mystery Train” Helped Put Elvis On the Map, But Junior Parker Recorded It First

The song “Mystery Train” has become one of the most iconic classics of the rockabilly genre and in fact of all rock and roll. The song has it all: a great, mood-invoking vibe, wonderful driving slap-bass work by Bill Black, one of the most perfect guitar parts ever recorded courtesy of Scotty Moore, and of course Elvis’ flawless, raw, powerful vocal delivery. And the song itself is one of those rare gems that stands strong on its own, separate from the performance. But though Elvis and the boys own this song with their amazing performance of it, Elvis didn’t write it. So, where did it come from? Well, that gets to the roots of rockabilly!

Your Child’s First Musical Instrument – 5 Things That Can Go Wrong

Music education is not a simple matter to get your child started in. There are many things to think about. You wouldn’t buy a car without proper research or even a computer for that matter. Proper research ensures that you make the best investment for your own personal set of circumstances and preferences. Buying a musical instrument is not the only thing that you will have to research to make the right choice. There are many other purchases and issues worth considering. We’ll discuss the 5 of most common mistakes in this article. In order to ensure that your child gets started on the right foot in music education, I have listed 5 mistakes that any parent could make.

The Djembe – These African Drums Are the Original Social Media

The djembe, a type of West African drum, is becoming a popular item for drum enthusiasts. In fact, there are a large number of drum circles in the United States that meet regularly to play together and share their mutual enjoyment of this unique drum. In these days of computer-generated social interaction, the personal contacts made through such social groups are a great diversion. The prospective djembe owner should be aware of some of the background on this African drum to help them make the right buying decision.

Bryn Terfel: Wotan For A New Age

As a Wagnerian and lover of opera the role of Wotan in the Ring cycle is a key character in Wagner’s music. Up until now Han Hotter held the reins for this role until now with the advent of Bryn Terfel.

The Great Format War – DVD-A Vs SACD

There is yet another format war going on, however this time most of us are completely unaware. The two formats in question are the DVD-A and SACD and neither are destined for market success despite their increased capacity and high fidelity surround sound.

Become A Proficient Guitar Player By Learning Easy Guitar Songs

Many people who want to learn how to play the guitar have their own reasons for wanting to. Some just take it up as a hobby and want to acquire a new talent for them. Some people also want to become musically inclined and make guitar playing as one of the ways where they can express their creativity and themselves, while some dream of wanting to become a famous rock star and be able to perform someday.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Restored Steinway

While the cost of buying a restored Steinway can be a great deal less than that of a new Steinway, there is much to learn before making such an investment. It’s still going to be a major purchase.

Tips on Finding a Guitar for Your Christian Music

Do you love to play gospel songs or Christian music? Do you want to own a guitar for your Christian music?

iTunes Media Player Advantages – Part 1

The iTunes player is the best application that will keep all your digital media files nicely organized. Moreover, you can definitely forget about the hundreds of CD’s scattered all throughout the place, because with iTunes all your music is in one place, and it is very easy to spot out your favorite artist, album or song. You may already be acquainted with the scenario of the pile of CD’s lying on your desk, and you looking for an artist or an album, and not being able to find it.

What Is Post Rock?

Post rock is one of music’s more enigmatic genres. Defining itself by what it’s not (rock) gives little clue as to what it is. Ironically, given that the phrase ‘post rock’ literally translates to ‘after rock’, it is in fact a sub-genre of rock music, something that is immediately obvious to anyone who hears it.

Choosing Your Weapon – A Basic Guide To Choosing The Right Guitar

Learning the guitar and ready to upgrade your axe? It’s hard to know exactly which guitar you should choose, especially with the over-abundance of information and opinions out there on guitars. No one has all the answers for such a personal choice, but surely there is a way to narrow down your options? Read on to find out how to choose the right guitar…

What To Consider When Purchasing a Guitar Amp?

There are a lot of factors involved when deciding on the best electric guitar amplifier. This article will go over many of them so that you can make the right decision.

Sonisphere Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Festival 2011 in Italy – Tips to Attend the Event

Sonisphere is an hard rock and heavy metal touring festival that this year plans for the first time an event in Italy. This article provides tips and suggestions about this event to non Italian speaking people that would like to attend it.

What Are Guitar Effects, Really?

Guitar Effects is anything that effects the tone of your guitar. An Amplifier is really a guitar effect because it effects the tone of your guitar, it gets louder. Effects are not only used with guitars but can be used with keyboards, violins, bass, etc.

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