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Beat Making Software DUBturbo – Is It for You?

Perhaps you’ve heard of DUBturbo, the immensely popular beat maker for digital music production. With thousands of sales and an ever growing horde of enthusiastic affiliates, it’s easy to start to wonder what the fuss is about. Let’s take a closer look.

Singles Nights Made Easy With Karaoke

When most people think of a singles night, the visions that pop into their heads are often involving situations that should be labelled as awkward, unpleasant, and to be completely honest- boring. Your singles event doesn’t have to be another awkward party.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball”: Born In Fury

With “Wrecking Ball” Bruce Springsteen takes aim at a familiar target. This time, however, he’s freely using a literary weapon that he’s only used sparingly in the past. Find out what it is.

What Is Music? How Can We Describe This Fabulous Invention Without Which No One Can Live Today?

Music can be defined as a form of art that can be expressed by both sound and silence used at a certain time. The word “music” comes from Greek and means “art of the Muses”. But still, we cannot give an exact definition of this concept as its creation, significance, the way of performing, and other important aspects, vary in accordance with culture and the society. For each human being music plays a special role in his/her life.

Three Very Important Tips to Consider While Buying a Guitar

If music were the food of love, play on. A cliched concept today, but the fact is that music still plays a central role in life. Some consider music to be something that de-stresses them, while others actually are so passionate about music that they pursue it as a serious hobby or even a career, and they all have a favourite musical instrument.

Why Do I Need A Demo Producer?

You have great a voice, great songs and know how to record. So why do you need a demo producer? This may be true but if you don’t have a professional demo then none of that matters, your talent simply won’t grab the attention of A&Rs at major record and publishing companies. Production is all about sound quality, in other words great “sound quality” gets results.

What Is Vocal Tuning And Why Do I Need It?

You have a great voice but is that enough to really stand out? Perhaps when you are performing live everyone can just feel the magic in the room but when you are sending out material to Major record labels and publishers often they may never have the opportunity to see you perform live so they will judge your voice entirely on the ” vocal quality ” demonstrated in your song. Cue Vocal Tuning!

How To Find A Good Guitar School For Beginners

Guitar is among the most fascinating and popular musical instrument that has been around even as early as 3,000 years ago. Today, both young and old people are interested in learning how to play the guitar, not only because of the pleasant sound it produces but also because of other handful reasons. Guitars are cheaper compared to other musical instruments like violin, drums, and piano. It is also handy and can be played anytime and anywhere.

Working Smart in Music Is a Myth – Only Hard Work Exists and Counts

This article probably won’t go down well with many of you, toiling at your instrument but I don’t mind. It’s important to speak the truth on these matters.

The Decline of Music

Today, music has become a passive pursuit performed by artists and played on myriad electronic devices. It serves as entertainment, stimulation or gratification and has little to do with time or place. Aside from a few patriotic songs or religious hymns, most people share no common musical heritage or engage in singing on a regular basis.

When Music and Lyrics Are an Ode

There are many unlikely places from where songwriters get the inspiration for their music and lyrics. Usually, unless the artist talks about it, listeners don’t get to know about the inspiration for the lyrics and music that they make, but there are times when the sources of inspiration of the music and lyrics can be easily deciphered just by looking at the words and the story line of the lyrics of the song. Beyond the lyrics, there are certain times when the songs inspiration is probably proclaimed for the whole world to see. This usually happens when the artists title their songs after names.

How To Make BIG Money Teaching Guitar

Truth is, making big money ($100k and above per year) in your guitar teaching business is a very obtainable goal, even though the reality is such that most guitar teachers have not achieved such levels of success. After earning very little money in their businesses, over time many guitar teachers start to doubt their abilities to make a living through teaching guitar.

Mixtape Review: Rick Ross’s ‘The Black Bar-Mitzvah’

Review of Ricky Rozay’s controversially-named latest release, ‘The Black Bar-Mitzvah’. Recruiting the talents of big named rappers has paid off for MMG, with the mixtape achieving the kind of success enjoyed by Ross’s previous underground releases. If simple entertainment is what you are after and enjoy beats designed to deafen then this is going to hit the spot.

How To Write Good Lyrics

If a song has to capture the world and be a chart topper, it is almost certain that it needs good lyrics. It’s all taste as one persons genius can be another person’s tosser.

Lyrics Make a Song Immortal

Can you imagine how your favorite song would be without the lyrics that it has? You can argue that some songs are purely instrumental if you are a skeptic. But the ones with effective lyrics are those that you want to sing about and interpret. Hence, it is undoubtedly true that lyrics actually make the song last forever.

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