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Some Tips to Help You Choose the Right Bass Guitar

Before purchasing a bass guitar, it is important to address a few important factors that can help you understand these bass guitars better and in this way succeed in buying the right guitar. There are a number of factors that have to be addressed including the body style, neck, length of scale, tuning, intonation and bolt-on necks as well as neck-through and fingerboards and frets and more.

Review – Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Find out what a professional pianist thinks about the Casio Privia PX-130 Digital Piano. Learn why this keyboard may or may not be the right keyboard for you.

Music – Source of Entertainment

One of the most interesting of the many stories of civilization is music. It explains an intimate knowledge of the inner life of man as manifested in different epochs of the world’s history. The abundant testimony proves that the existence of music is coeval with that of mankind.

Exciting Up and Coming Tours in 2011

2011 is set to be a phenomenal year for UK music fans. Several huge acts are going on much-anticipated concert tours throughout the UK. One such act is famed pop group Take That, who are embarking on their first tour that will feature all five original group members since 1995. The 2011 Progress tour is the long-awaited return of member Robbie Williams and will feature favorite Take That past hits like “Back for Good” and “Pray” as well as songs off of Take That’s new album, Progress. The tour has smashed previous ticket sale records and is sure to be the most hotly anticipated tour of 2011. Take That tour dates run from late May to July.

Why Is It Essential to Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Piano is for the most part a very fragile musical instrument. Piano movers specialize in shifting fragile instruments.Though it looks heavy but it is quite vulnerable in its structure. Most household has this instrument as the symbol of luxury. But here we are concerned with the shifting or moving of piano from one place to another. Shifting process may be carried out at interstate, intrastate and international level or also within your own house. This is not something which you can do on your own as it contains high degree of risk and you may have to bear much heavier cost if you do so. Moving of piano requires specialized skill and only professional service providers can provide you assistance for transfer of piano.

Why It’s Better to See Music Performed Live

Whether it is a rock concert or symphony orchestra, it is always better to see music performed live than to simply listen to it on a recording. There are many reasons why this is true. Before you even get to the concert, the build-up and anticipation of the event is very exciting. Just having those concert tickets in hand guarantees that you will experience so much more than if you were sitting at home watching a concert dvd or listening to pre-recorded music.

Suicidal Tendencies Interview

Which came first, the skateboard or Suicidal Tendencies? While obviously the answer is the skateboard, it seems like Suicidal has been around for basically just as long. Shit, these guys even had a cameo in an episode of Miami Vice for God’s sake (seriously!). Suicidal recently headlined at show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA along with Underdog, DRI & Cro-Mags, which was amazing! Before the show, I sat down with guitarist Dean Pleasants & drummer Eric Moore to talk shop on skateboarding, gangs, and much more.

Musicians Are Getting Mugged, Over and Over and Over Again

Musicians trying to get into the big time are turned over time and time again. Why is that? and more to the point, what is the solution?

Trey Songz Mixtapes Made Him Into The Man He Is Today

Trey Songz was born on November the 28th 1984 in Petersburg, VA. His birth name is Tremaine Neverson, and he is a world famous recording artist, actor, and producer. Though he was a very shy child, and had no aspirations to become a musician at a young age, by the time he reached 14 years old, he began creating Trey Songz mixtapes to show off his unique hip hop songs.

Three Six Mafia Mixtapes Helped Launch Their Career

Three Six Mafia is a rap group that was formed in Memphis, TN in 1991, but was originally called Triple Six Mafia. The group was formed by brothers, Lord Infamous and DJ Paul, and never consisted of more than six members, though they have collaborated with many other artists. The group really rose to fame through the Three Six Mafia mixtapes, which they sold from Memphis to the Mid-South.

How Trick Daddy Mixtapes Helped Bolster His Career

The man known as Trick Daddy to fans around the world was born on September 23rd, 1973 in Miami, FL. He is a rapper, who’s real name is Maurice Young, and got his start appearing on an album created by a former member of 2 Live Crew. Though his first song became an immediate hit, he relied heavily on the Trick Daddy mixtapes, which he released to help keep his hip hop beats fresh and unique for his fans.

Critical Wedding Musician Contract Clauses – Top 5

When booking music for a wedding reception you need to make sure you have a contract between you and the wedding musicians. Make sure you get the details right and you can rest easy and enjoy your big day. If there are only a few critical things to cover then these should be your top 5.

How To Tune A Violin Properly

Knowing how to tune a violin is an essential first step when learning violin. If you do not tune your violin properly, the music you attempt to play will never sound quite right. Learning to play the violin is difficult enough and having your violin out of tune will make it that much more challenging and downright frustrating.

Simple Camp Song Guitar Chords

If you want to learn guitar, you need to first understand the chords properly. The best way to understand chords is to be able to identify them by hearing them.

The History of Drums

Like no other instrument, the drum is simply associated with early mankind. It is assumed, not incorrectly, that the earliest civilizations had drums. It is as natural to people as the heart beat, and that connection is often made. But the purpose and evolution of drums have come a long way, and it’s interesting to take a look back at the development.

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