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The Beatles Albums for Different Moods

Trying to nail down a favourite Beatles record is like trying to decide on your favourite flavour of ice cream, or your favourite colour. One day it might be the funky Come Together (Abbey Road, 1969) other days it might be green. One day it might be the early rocker You Can’t Do That (A Hard Day’s Night, 1964) other days it might be chocolate and vanilla. That is the problem – maybe the only problem – with the fab four; they just have too many wonderful songs.

The Beatles Psychedelic Trilogy – Part 2, Mescaline and LSD

In 1967 the Beatles’ created their undisputed masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This is the Beatles’ mescaline album. It is a radically different departure from anything that had come before. It created a world of its own, a world of sounds and sonic textures never heard before.

Know Your Bass Effects

Though not a necessity, it is still great to occasionally use bass effects because they provide a “wow” factor from your audience and spice to your band’s gigs and performances. Plus, competition coming from synthesizers…

Tips When Watching Broadway Musicals

Even for a single time in your life, it will be good to be able to attend a Broadway Musical. There might even be people who make a habit of catching new shows or reliving old ones. But for those who have not seen a single show in Broadway, there are a few tips that will greatly help you when you decide that you want to watch a Broadway musical.

Grey Cup Live Music

This article talks about the live music played at the Grey Cup in Vancouver on November 27. I focus on the half time show by Nickleback.

Singing With A Sore Throat – Tips And Remedies

More than often, singers worry about the causes of sore throat. And of course this is a very important fact. If a big concert is waiting, it’s very important for them to prepare in advance for singing with A sore throat. This article offers some advice on how to get prepared for this situation.

“California Sun”: A West Coast Classic From South Bend, Indiana

While most identify 1964’s “California Sun” with the Rivieras (from sun-drenched South Bend, Indiana), the song originated with New Orleans R&B singer Joe Jones, who is known for his Top Ten hit, “You Talk Too Much.” Jones recorded “California Sun” in an R&B style backed by a horn section but met little success. The Rivieras replaced Jones’ horn section with a guitar and organ trading riffs and reached #5 with the track. “California Sun” was covered in 1977 by punk rock pioneers the Ramones, who added distortion and amped up the speed of the Rivieras’ track.

Attention Indie Artists: Pick a Good Name, Get Noticed Fast, and Be Remembered Forever

Music distribution starts with an artist or band worth promoting. But it continues to flourish when it’s based on a well-written and brilliantly packaged Press Release. Music distribution cannot work without it – it’s the first piece of reference that launches the careers of unknown music artists.

Top Country Songs of All Time – Four Evergreen Country Songs

Country music, with its harmonious ensemble of banjos, harmonicas, electric guitars, violins, and acoustic guitars, has captured many fans from around the world. Although it began in the 1920s, the music gained its popularity during the 1940s.

Learning How to Sing In Tune Is Fun

As with every instrument the voice needs a lot of fine tuning, it needs to be warmed up and encouraged and treated with respect in order for it to flourish. Anybody can learn how to sing in tune, it just takes time and dedication.

Money Making Music

The average cost of a CD today is approximately 9.99. Do you know that a signed male or female singer or band will only receive 0.65 per CD sale?! As well as that for Recording artists do not make the money from public performances on radio, TV, bars and restaurants, they only receive money royalties from when broadcast in a digital arena (webcast or satellite radio) or a listening subscription service (in other words the listener does not choose the songs played). So how do artists make money in music and who banks the six-digit salaries?

Vocal Warm Up Exercises Are Extremely Important

Vocal warm up exercises are incredibly important to a happy and healthy singing voice as they help to basically limber the vocal chords up. You need to stretch and move your chords just like an athlete needs to stretch and move and keep their muscles warm before competing in an event.

Where Vinyl Originated

In the mid 1800s Thomas Edison created the first phonograph, which allowed for the first time recording and playback of sound. Even though there is no direct evidence that it was based on the design, the phonautograph had come out not much before but only permitted waveforms to be recorded. He first experimented utilizing tin foil wrapped around a cylinder since it is easily imprinted and maintains the grooves.

Music Distribution and Promotion – Working Together To Sell Music Online

Upon sealing the deal with a music distribution agency, the artist is assured that his/her/their online presence will be felt, that’s a guarantee. But to make sure that you can also sell your music online, you should find creative ways to have fans and non-fans alike download your music. With music distribution, the bottom line is digital music downloads and the more downloads, the more profit for the artist. It used to be that radio airplay was the only way to sell music, and then it was replaced by the stylish music video.

Don’t Sleep on “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”

M83’s latest Album, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”, is a refreshing mix of electronic pop and ambient music that relaxes it’s listeners without falling from their focus. Featuring soft rock vocals, synthesized melodies, and simple, driving beats, French artist Anthony Gonzalez has successfully reinvented and reinvigorated the spirit of the DX7 pop music of the 1980’s that this album brings to mind. “Hurry up, We’re Dreaming” features tracks tailored to be dance house favorites, such as their hit single “Midnight City”, while also including more avant garde show pieces, like “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”, that displays Gonzalez’s range as both an artist and an entertainer. This two-disk audio adventure contains over 70 minutes of music and contains the necessary potential to become a modern classic.

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