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6 Tips for Warmer Fingers During the Winter

A survival guide for musicians during the winter. Learn how to keep your body warm so you can be at the top of your game every night!

How to Get a Piano, Free!

Why pay for a piano when you can get one free? It can be done! Here’s how.

Album Review – Foals – Holy Fire

‘Holy fire’ is the most recent album by Foals. It clearly shows how far the Oxford 5-piece have travelled from their previous try-hard math rock days and brings out a new and different side to the band. A different side? Or perhaps they’ve just matured. It happens to us all lads, don’t worry!

Album Review – Bastille – Bad Blood

Bad Blood works on so many levels. Bastille have hit the right sound for the nation and beyond and exactly the right time. Summer is around the corner and the boys have crafted an album which will excite the festival crowds in the short term yet have the longevity to sustain popularity for years to come. Read and then buy. You will not be disappointed.

How Music Affects the Person in Love

We know that music is extremely important as well as influential to the person who is in love. Can you remember the first time you were in love?

Subwoofers: The Early Years

Today’s subwoofers had their humble beginnings in the garage of a couple of entrepreneurial men by the name of Arnold Nudell and Cary Christie, in the latter part of the 1960’s. Mr. Nudell was physicist and Mr. Christie, an airline pilot.. They formed a Company named New Technology Enterprises, which later become renamed and reorganized as Infinit

Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”: The Meaning Of The Masterpiece

“Viva La Vida” just might be the greatest song Coldplay has produced (or might ever produce). What motivated the band to compose this song? Chris Martin had a personal reason to write the lyrics that you might find interesting. Read on to find out how Martin resembles his tragic creation.

Five of Guided By Voices Best Buried Treasures

Guided By Voices have, as befits their name, a rather insane output. It’s tough to believe that (mostly) one man could pen all those songs. Part of the romance of Guided By Voices is the romance of the thrift store: sifting through a lot of material looking for hidden gems. Well, if you are short on time or looking for some quick hints, here are some of my favorite found treasures.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice By Following Effective Steps

Knowing how to improve your singing voice involves understanding how you produce sounds using your own intonation. Discover how you can obtain improvements in your singing voice and performances.

Tips to Buying Concert Tickets

If you love a particular band and they’re coming to town you’d definitely want to buy tickets and attend the concert right? Well, there are going to be many people who have the same intention and people from all across the neighbouring towns would be attending as well – especially if it’s a popular band. Therefore, if you’re planning on buying tickets the following tips would probably be helpful: Book quickly If the band is popular then there are chances that the tickets would be all out in a day or…

Best Flaming Lips Songs – Top 5 And Why

Heard a great song by The Flaming Lips and you’re looking for more? Look no further! This articles lists the top 5 best Flaming Lips songs and give you some information about what to expect.

Cher: It’s a Man’s World Revisited

For five decades now, Cher has managed to remain a pop icon. Revisiting her album, ‘It’s a Man’s World’, we get a snap-shot into a well-marketed performer who can actually sing.

Nero Lets It Burn

The duo of Dan Stephens and Joe Ray have created a take on techno that packs a real punch. Paving their way with Nero that seamlessly melds trance and guitar-driven heaviness, this unit is clearly on their way.

Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide”: The Career That Almost Wasn’t

It’s hard to imagine that Stevie Nicks was once struggling enough that she had to do a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet. Read on to find out how close she came to calling it quits in order to go back to school.

Supersingers – The Age of Rock’s Vocal Royalty

There are obvious vocalists in most people’s top ten lists. When you really dig, though, there are some lesser known singers who have redefined what it truly means to be a world-class vocalist. We catalog a few right here.

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