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Melissa Etheridge As Vocal As Ever

Melissa Etheridge is a mammoth talent armed with electrifying energy, a custom Les Paul guitar and a powerful, raspy voice that penetrates the soul. The Academy Award- and Grammy-winning artist spent the summer on an extensive tour encompassing solo and full band performances, festivals and several dates with Blondie and Joan Jett. Now she is back in the studio creating new songs to top those in her 13th album, “This is M.

Masters of the Podium: A Brief Biography of Georg Solti

Georg Solti is another in a long line of Eastern European conductors who enjoyed a brilliant career in the West. Solti is best known as music director for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO). This was a position he held from 1969 through 1991 and one where he led the ensemble in more than 900 performances. In the first video clip that accompanies this article, Solti conducts the CSO in Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 (“Unfinished”). In the second clip, Solti and Dudley Moore discuss baroque music and Sir Georg conducts his student orchestra in J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 while also playing the harpsichord.

How to Buy an Electric Archtop

Learn what to consider when looking into electric archtops and having a customized one made. You should consider body style, your budget, what kind of music you want to play and more.

The Man Of A Thousand TV and Movie Themes

I don’t know if he has actually written a thousand themes, however, he has certainly managed to write enough of them to have a major influence on the world of music and entertainment. More importantly, Lalo Schifrin has a musical gift which has allowed him to capture and even help define the essence of countless TV series and film projects. These include the themes and scores from notable TV series such as Mission Impossible, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Medical Center, T.H.E. Cat, The Big Valley, Mannix and Starsky and Hutch. His motion picture themes and scores include several Clint Eastwood movies (Coogan’s Bluff, The Beguiled, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, Sudden Impact, The Dead Pool, Joe Kidd) and hundreds of other films like The Liquidator, The Cincinnati Kid, Cool Hand Luke, Enter The Dragon, Bullitt, Kelly’s Heroes, The Fox, Voyage Of The Damned, The Sting II, The Osterman Weekend, The Eagle Has Landed, Sweetwater, the Rush Hour movies and The Amityville Horror.

Review: My Favorite New Guitar Effects And Pedals (For Rock Players)

Learn some awesome pedals to use for making your guitar tone sound unique. This article discusses some of my personal favorites and why you should give them a shot.

Understanding Royalty Free Music for Film, Movies and Videos

Royalty free music is music that is created specifically for use in multimedia productions such as videos, presentations, podcasts, films, theatre, advertising and broadcasts. By the music being loyalty free it means that once you buy royalty-free production music license, you don’t have to pay any performance royalties when you play the music.

Composer’s Corner: A Brief Biography of Cesar Franck

Belgian-born Cesar Franck rose to prominence as a composer while living in Paris. As a composer during the late Romantic period, Franck’s style was strongly influenced by Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt. Among the most recognizable effects in his music is the use of chromatic modulations, where he changes key often during the course of a single piece or movement. The two video clips that accompany this article include a studio performance of the hymn “Panis angelicus” by tenor Luciano Pavarotti (including boys’ choir and full orchestra), plus the finale from Symphony in D minor, performed by the French National Orchestra and conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

The Best Music Institutes Produce the Best Music Champs

If you are one of the entire lot who always stay glued to the idiot box watching music reality shows, and wish that you could be the one performing on stage, you can definitely fulfill this dream by working towards it. The best music careers are accessible without all the anxiety and frustration of striving for just being a well-known figure.

Jazz Rock Fusion Guitar Music – Steve Khan Is One Of The Best!

Steve Khan remains one the finest jazz rock fusion guitar players on the scene today! He has also written some excellent jazz guitar instruction books.

Jazz And Flamenco Guitar Music – Ivor Mairants Excelled At Both!

Ivor Mairants excelled at playing jazz, classical, and flamenco guitar music! He also composed numerous pieces of guitar music and wrote several instructional books for guitar.

Take Your Singing Global – With “Fan Bait” Recordings

Every single day, millions of people search for their favorite artists, songs and records online – worldwide. They type the titles of these songs or artists into search engines like Google and YouTube to find, listen, view, like, share, subscribe and buy these already-existing, mass-marketed, chart-topping titles by world stars. What if there was a way for you to legally “high-jack” some of that traffic, with your cover recordings? Learn how other artists less talented than you are already using this formula to get on the airwaves worldwide.

3 Classic Metal Record Companies You Should Check Out

This article is just a quick intro to some great labels for getting into new bands through previous releases. Use it as a tool to find new music genres you may not have heard before.

What Size Guitar Should I Choose For My Child?

This article is designed to help parents decide on a suitable guitar for their child to learn how to play guitar. It can be quite confusing if you are not sure what you are looking for or if you are not a musician yourself.

How to Enjoy the Melody of Country Music

Have you ever tried to enjoy listening to Country Music? In fact, in this respect, John Denver stands out to be one of the best singers. To learn why I enjoy his songs till today, look inside.

Groups Who Should Have Disbanded After Their Fourth Album

Few bands have been able to improve after releasing their first four albums. Other than legends like The Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Bob Dylan, and several more modern acts like Elvis Costello, the Kaiser Chiefs, and Fountains of Wayne, the fourth studio album usually marks a band’s peak. Even though fans were disappointed when James Mercer announced that his band the Shins would release no more albums, I was actually relieved.

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