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Gucci Mane Mixtapes – The Early Years

Starting a career in the competitive world of hip hop music can be challenging, and artists must take advantage of every resource they have to get noticed. Gucci Mane mixtapes made it easy for the rapper to stay in the public eye, even when he was not affiliated with a major record label. He got his sound out to the public and started his career off with a bang.

How to Make Beats on Your PC – The Simple Step By Step Process To Make Nice Beats

There are countless people out there that want to know how to make beats on their PC. The idea of expressing yourself musically by making beats on the PC is very appealing.

Lil Wayne Mixtapes – The Early Years

Although it may seem like he has burst onto the hip hop scene in recent years, Lil Wayne has actually been around for quite some time. Even before he was releasing major studio albums, Lil Wayne mixtapes were making his music accessible to fans everywhere. They are just a part of the amazing story that led to his meteoric rise in the world of hip hop music.

Well Known Musicians Who Play Ukulele

There are a lot of well known musicians who play ukulele, both solely and just in a few of their songs. You’ve probably heard of most of these people, but may not have been aware that they were players.

How To Sing Well And Be Heard

Like any true art, or skill, singing well requires training, practice, and dedication. There are several basic steps that if followed and honed, can lead to a better more confident singing voice. These steps include developing a good ear, learning the basic principles of music theory, finding a comfortable vocal range, and, finally, locating a good teacher.

The Kingston Trio: ‘Just 3 Guys Standing on Stage With Their Guitars’

Looking back, on the heels of a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, at the Kingston Trio and the pioneering folk group’s legacy. Nick Reynolds sat down with a reporter in 1990 during the trio’s reunion American tour.

Learn All Eminem Lyrics and Sing Along

There are very many popular rappers who have changed the music industry by producing high quality tunes that people can sing along to and be entertained. Singing along to a beat that has been produced is usually a great feeling especially when you know all the words as it helps one enjoy the tune more. There are some people who are quick and they can get all the words just by listening to the tunes several times but most people only get a few parts of the production.

Make Beats On Your Computer By Downloading The Essential Software

Technology has advanced to such a tremendous extent that you need not move out of your home to make anything. The same is applicable to the musical beats, as well. Are you aware of the fact that now you can make beats on your computer very easily by following just few instructions?

Things To Remember In Purchasing A Drum Set

If you are planning to purchase a brand new full drum set then you can easily get confused with the different brands and models available in the market today. The most basic type of drum kit is composed of five components.

Electronic Drums For Beginners

If you love music and if you really love to play drum without having to worry about disturbing other family members within your home or if you do not want to be a disturbance in your neighborhood then buying and using an electronic drum pad is the right thing to do. Others might say that electronic drum kits do not sound like a real drum, however, that is totally wrong.

Sonic Producer Pro – What’s Important to Know About It?

This article is going to provide you with info on what is important to know about Sonic Producer Pro. In a few words it’s an online beat making software that is known for it’s easy to use interface and as a simple way to produce beats. What’s important to know about it?

Sad Breakup Songs

Looking at sad songs from different dimension can totally change your perception towards its impact. Sad songs after a breakup would definitely remind you of your lover but then again it can help you realize your ability to love deeply and cherish those lovely memories while move on again in life and know what went wrong so that you are careful not to fall into such painful trap again.

Enjoying the Cultural Lifestyle of BAM

Sometimes, neighborhoods are lucky enough to have a cultural gem right in their own backyard. Fort Greene, Brooklyn is one of those neighborhoods. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is America’s oldest continuously operating performing arts center, founded in 1861. Since then, this not-for-profit organization features an eclectic mix of music, theatre and art providing something for every visitor.

Drum Shields

If you have ever been in a place where traditional drums are being played, then you may have noticed the overpowering volume that can occur with traditional drum sets. Countless places across our planet has experienced this issue. Some people choose to purchase electronic drum sets while others prefer the “live” drum sound that traditional drum sets provide.

Drum Booths

Many times traditional drums can be acoustically overpowering in a room. The simple fact is that traditional drum sets are loud and often require treatment of some form to help gain control of the overall volume that they can produce.

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