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How To DJ Properly – Tips On Relaxing Before A Gig

Learning how to DJ properly is about a lot of things. This is why these DJ tips can help you to learn and get the balance right before a set. Mastering your gear, learning how to mix like a club DJ, knowing your music inside out and the desire to spread the love are just some of the qualities and skills you’ll need.

Get DJ Bookings And Learn How To Network – How To Get Gigs With Promotion

A DJ who can get bookings is ultimately in a far better position. A big part of the DJ profession is being able to get bookings. This includes new gigs, new contacts and additional bookings.

Who Was the Real Bad, Bad Leroy Brown?

Jim Croce’s potential as a musician seemed unlimited when he was killed in a plane crash in July 1973. The characters in songs like “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim” and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” were based on people Croce had met. The real Leroy Brown was a classmate of Croce’s during National Guard training. Fed up with the Guard, Brown went AWOL; when he returned, he was thrown into the brig.

Psychedelic Rock at Its Most Insane: “Psychotic Reaction”

Count Five’s 1966 hit “Psychotic Reaction” has been called a ripoff of the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds, but it is a classic example of psychedelic rock and a forerunner of punk and garage rock. The band’s career was short-circuited when members turned down a million dollars worth of bookings to return to school… and stay out of the draft.

Best Earbuds For Running

Looking for the best earbuds for running that are comfortable to the ears? Read about this piece of information to clarify more.

The Best Jackson Browne Lyrics

Jackson Browne is one of most poetic singer/songwriters to grace the international scene in this or any century, and to say which song has the best Jackson Browne lyrics is a very hard task. Get the view of the three songs of his that have the best lyrics in this article.

Fender Starcaster – Style and Sound

If you are in the market for a new guitar, you might be surprised to find Fender Starcasters for sale. Make no mistake, this is not the same old Starcaster – it’s a new line with a classic name and styling.

Happy Birthday King of Pop

On August 29th we celebrate the birthday of a pop star who has influenced and been influenced by other music royalty. We remember Michael Jackson as the little lead vocalist with his brothers in the group The Jackson Five.

iTunes Organization – Deleting iTunes Duplicates And Adding Missing Song Information

There is the need for users of iPods and iPhones to make their music library more efficient. There are lots of free programs out there that can do this for you in a very simple way. Software will remove duplicate songs, correctly label your songs, add missing artwork and fill in blank information.

Choosing the Best School of Music for You

Choosing a school of music isn’t easy. Considering the ever-increasing tuition fees and the time that you’ll spend studying, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money in a place that doesn’t suit what you need and what you want. To help you select the best music institution for you, here are some ideas and suggestions you should ponder on.

What You Should Be Looking For In A Professional Beat Maker

Are you currently a complete beginner who has just stepped into the big, vast world of online music production and currently completely lost as to how you should go about making your own beats? If so, do not worry, for after reading this article, you will definitely have an idea of what you need to be looking out for in a professional beat maker.

5 Benefits of Kids Learning Violin Music

If you’re a parent, and you’re wondering what benefits your kids will receive by learning violin music, then here is the article you must read. Violin music is played by musicians around the world, and is one of the most popular music today.

The Story Behind The Song – I Know Whom I Have Believed

This beloved hymn written by Major Daniel Webster Whittle, the exact date of his composition is not known, but it was originally published in 1883 in Gospel Hymns No. 4. It is one of about two hundred hymns composed by Major Whittle as he was known.

Songwriting Tips: More Tools for Making Life Simpler

The idea of a simpler life is near and dear to everyone’s heart – or so it would seem! What would life be like if you had more time to do the things you really enjoy doing? Even if you’re doing what you love to do, anything that makes the job simpler to accomplish seems like a great idea to most of us.

Songwriting Tips: Doing Stuff Quicker With Gadgets

If you are a songwriter, you are probably in favor of getting work done more quickly and efficiently. I feel the same way too. The same holds true for songwriters as it does for any other business professional. The sooner you get your inspirations written, recorded, and out there in the world, the better. The following are some of my favorite time-saving methods, devices, and gadgets.

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