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Make A Hip Hop Beat: The Basic Recipe

If you are like me, you may have been wondering how music producers make a hip hop beat. Every time you hear a new slamming beat on the radio or Internet, the thought of how that person crafted such a wicked sound probably pops into your head. I want to share with you what I have learned over time about how to construct a hip hop beat.

Music on Hold Keeps Callers and Internet Users Engaged

Music on hold is the new mantra for success in web based businesses. Internet users are an impatient lot who are very choosy.

Where and How You Can Get Karaoke Songs for Your Song Library

How and where do you get karaoke songs? Well read on and I’ll tell you. The invention of karaoke was the brilliant idea for amateur singers to sing along with the lyrics displayed on the screen of a monitor.

Ten Music Production Tips To Get You Started

My advice on this is simple. Do not try to run when you are learning to walk. I have seen this many times, and, to be honest, I did it in a minor way myself. Do not be pushing your songs about when you are not yet capable. A lot of people I know have looked up to someone and have sent their track or played their track to more accomplished friends before they were ready. There is not good outcome from this really.

Top 3 Operas You Should Absolutely See in Your Lifetime

A lot of people have never seen an opera. That’s a shame. Like Gustav Mahler once said “If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.”

Become a Famous Singer – 4 Steps To Realise Your Dream Fast

Do you want to become a famous singer? Here is a four steps method to boost your career.

Choosing and Booking the Greatest Country Bands

In the event you are planning a special celebration and wish to book a popular country band, there are a handful of factors that should be considered. The use of a booking agent can help you locate the best country bands at the lowest prices.

Rockabilly Gems Emerge From the Depths of Obscurity

Rockabilly music maintains a level of obscurity as a genre. To those of us who love rockabilly and listen to lots of rockabilly songs, it’s easy to forget that many people don’t even know what rockabilly is. So, while one could legitimately argue that rockabilly itself is obscure, there’s another level of obscurity that goes even deeper yet. That obscurity–those obscure artists and their recordings–holds immense treasure for the rockabilly music lover.

5 Tips to Consider When You’re Buying Used Karaoke Machines

The market for new and used karaoke machines gets bigger and bigger all the time and the styles and newest features change very quickly. So for practicality, if you are not so particular on getting the newest model, but you’re after affordability, then you may choose the option of buying a used karaoke machine. The functionality of the machine still works well and the biggest advantage is that you can save more money while enjoying the good features of the karaoke system you choose.

Dub Turbo Review – Intuitive and Powerful Software of Music Production

Dub Turbo is only for those who are looking for a program that help them to make their own beats. This beat making program allows people to create their own style of music without any effort. It is a really an instinctive and powerful software of music production, and anyone whether expert or new in the field of music production will find this program very functional and supportive.

Practice: Play Music Without the Effort

Athletes and musicians have one thing in common: practice. Both can never be good at what they do if they don’t devote time and effort in practice. So, if you’re an aspiring musician, here are some tips on how to practice and play music properly.

Life Stages Of A Vinyl Record

Music records can tell various beautiful stories just like everything in this world. These accounts behind music could also be a little too irrelevant to other individuals. It is not important if music has changed in due course, what’s of importance is that you get something out of it, a sense of satisfaction perhaps. But, if you are to see it, music is more than merely getting a jazz vinyl and have it played over your player. Music is more than merely finding someone with whom you could share music to. You can look deep into the history to realize that an extensive horizon is awaiting for you to see.

Tips On Where to Go and How to Buy Karaoke Downloads

If you’re looking to buy downloads for karaoke software or karaoke tracks, then that’s a great way for you to hone in on your karaoke singing skills without costing you lots of money. You will never run out of websites where you can buy downloadable karaoke tracks that are available online. There are many choices from basic to detailed systems that will give you the freedom to buy based on your needs.

Voice Over Recording – Get All the Correct Equipment to Do It Well

Do you feel that your career in Voice Over Recording will benefit from having the right equipment? You might benefit from having your own recording studio at home so that you can do your work at your own schedule and without depending on anyone else. You need to be able to select your Voice Over (VO) equipment well so that you can get the best work out of it.

Four Reasons Why Les Paul Guitars Really Rock

The Les Paul guitar has been synonymous with music for so long, that most people don’t even realize that it is named after a man. His name is Lester Polfus, and he was once the world’s most famous musician who played the guitar. He was responsible for bringing the concept of an electric guitar with a solid body to the attention of the Gibson guitar company back in the 50s. At first, Gibson opted to reject the idea, but after some wise thinking, brought Lester in to help with designing what is now a musical masterpiece.

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