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Are Vinyl Records Making a Comeback and Why?

Did you ever think vinyl records would make a comeback? If you’re part of the generation who grew up on records, you may have had some doubts. After all, you’ve seen 8-track tapes take a backseat to cassettes only for them to be replaced with CDs, iPods and MP3 players.

What Is 180 Gram Vinyl?

When buying and selling records you need to understand what is meant by the phrase, 180 gram vinyl. This has a lot to do with the value of the record because it will be a determining factor in the overall quality of the album. To make records, manufacturers use a technique called pressing.

How Buying Vinyl Box Sets Are Beneficial

When searching the internet for information on records, you’re sure to run across dealers selling vinyl box sets. These are quite popular and many collectors seek them out but do you know why? What makes them so special and why is it beneficial to purchase records in sets instead of single albums.

Find Out the Value of Old Vinyl Records

Did you know that some old vinyl records could be very valuable? Do you have a collection of records packed up somewhere in your basement or attic? If you no longer listen to them, why not find how much they’re worth?

Guitar Accessories: Effect Pedals and Devices

Electric guitarists seldom just plug into an amp and start playing. Well, they may start out that way, but if you listen to the radio – or any recorded guitar music, for that matter – you quickly notice a lot more going on than just a “straight” guitar sound. At the very least, you hear some ambient treatment in the form of artificially created echo, or reverb, as the effect is known in guitar lingo. You may hear some (intended) distortion, especially in rock and blues music, and you may hear additional effects, such as wah-wah, vibrato, and other electronic manipulations. Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of guitar accessories known as effects.

The PRS Story

From a high school shop class to an attic workshop to a state-of-the-art facility, it’s been a long, tough road for PRS guitars. Paul Reed Smith built his first guitar as a challenge to his college music professor. After receiving an ‘A’ on that project, his dream of building guitars for a living finally seemed achievable.

The Difference Between Taking Guitar Lessons Online Versus a Private Instructor

Ever think about taking online guitar lessons but just weren’t sure if they were as good as taking private classes from a professional guitar instructor? In this article I’ll explain the benefit of taking online lessons instead of private classes and why it doesn’t just have advantages but might actually be a better choice.

Best Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash is a musical legend that will live on forever. Almost everyone has heard about “The Man in Black” and many of his songs are still played today. The dark attire he wore on stage earned him this nickname and his deep voice could never be mistaken for anyone else’s.

Virgin Vinyl Classic Albums

Virgin vinyl classic albums are a collector’s dream come true for many reasons. So what makes them so special? In order to understand why these are more valuable than other types of records, you need to understand what is meant by the term “virgin vinyl.”

Top Jimmy Buffett Songs

Jimmy Buffett first recorded songs in the 70s with Barnaby Records. His first album was titled “Down to Earth” and his second one was titled “High Cumberland Jubilee.” Since this was the early years of Buffett, his songs had a different approach to music than what it took on in the albums he later recorded.

Greatest Songwriters of All Time

There have been many great songwriters in our time but some that take the top of the list are the ones that shaped the music industry and paved the way for all musicians. The greatest songwriters of all time are the ones who wrote and in many cases, sung songs from the heart. They’re from a simpler time when people had the time to sit back, listen to good music, and enjoy the lyrics as much as they did the acoustic guitar and other instruments.

See Bluegrass Singers Perform Live – Visit Nashville!

If you like to hear bluegrass music, Nashville is one of the best places to see live performances from some of the best bluegrass performers in the world. Nashville is known as Music City because there are all type of music performed and recorded here. Bluegrass is no exception.

Maintaining the Glamour and Tune of Mason and Hamlin Pianos

Emanating sophistication and grandeur, Mason & Hamlin pianos are the kind of instruments you have to show off. By knowing where to place these marvelous pianos, you will be sure that your home will leave a grand impression on your guests.

Buy Vinyl Now – Records Are Not Dead

Records are not dead and you can buy vinyl now and appreciate all of the classics just like you remember them. At one time, music lovers feared vinyl would be replaced with iPods and CDs but the increasing demand for vinyl records has proven this is not the case. Many people enjoy the soothing sound that records provide and they’ve helped to keep them alive throughout the years, despite the changes made to technology.

The Influence Timber Imparts on the Tone of Your Guitar

The majority of guitarists playing music today believe it’s all about the pickups when it comes to tonal quality and one could argue that to some extent that is correct. But did you know the timber your guitar is made from represents a significant part of your sound?

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