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Top 10 Famous Guitars

What are the top 10 most famous guitars in the world? We’re looking at more than brands and models, we’re looking at defining, unique instruments that were played by the great guitarists and have a story to tell.

What Are The Key Ingredients That Make a Great Recording Studio?

By doing a little home work you can make sure that you end up with a great quality audio recording of your latest track. This article sums up the key elements that you should be aware of when making your recording decisions.

Don’t Be Fooled By Equipment Snobs

In the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more affordable and the span of what people can accomplish at home and beyond is rapidly expanding. Naturally with many industries becoming more and more advanced technologically there is a tendency for many to try to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’ Overspending on the latest is greatest is far from uncommon and the recording studio can be one of the worst culprits.

Research Before You Choose A Recording Studio

Summarizing the benefits of researching before choosing a recording studio. The more informed the decision the better the sound.

The Secret Ingredient Of A Great Recording Studio

Reviewing the benefits in providing a comfortable and creative atmosphere in a recording studio. Fostering a good ‘vibe’ is paramount to a studio’s potential success.

Melodic Guitar And 34 Million Pizzas

I have recently seen some pizza chain advertising the fact that they have 34 million pizza topping combinations. That got me thinking about music and melodic invention, and the virtual limitless combinations (permutations, really). You see for pizza, order doesn’t matter. A sausage and mushroom pizza tastes the same as a mushroom and sausage pizza. In music order is important. We can start with 34 million combinations and extend it really into infinity.

Radio Airplay Will Really Help to Promote Your Music Production

Here we explain why music production will really boost your profile as both a DJ and a music producer. The advantages of having your music played live on air or on an online podcast are endless.

History Of The Piano

Before looking at the history of the piano, it is important to define and briefly discuss pianos. First and foremost, a piano can be defined as musical instrument played using a keyboard. Pianos have been used for many centuries in many musical performances. They are currently the world’s most popular musical instruments because of their versatility and ubiquity.

Live Performer or DJ?

Do you prefer a live band or a DJ? In this article I will list a few reasons why a live band should be the choice every time.

The Underrated Bass Guitar

Many will define the drums in the band as the backbone of the group but people forget how important the bass guitar’s role. The effect or impact of this instrument to the totality of the band’s sound is almost an enveloping sensation and without it, the output is recognizably lacking.

Country Music History

Country Music, in the form that we know it, has been going strong for over three hundred years in the Southern part of North America. It was not until the 1920s that it started to gain traction though.

What Is Alternative Indie Rock?

It is fair to say that the definition of Indie Rock has changed considerably over the past couple of years. On this page I want to take a little look at a brief definition of the genre. Remember though, just like every other genre out there, the definition is not ‘cut and dry’. Something which is regarded as alternative Indie Rock could quite easily be classed as another genre. Anyway, let’s take a little look, shall we?

Correct Posture While Playing or Tuning Your Guitar

Developing correct posture while playing or tuning your guitar might not make you a great guitarist (at once) but it could make you play better and with so much ease. You can either sit or stand as you strum the guitar strings.

Tuning Your Guitar – An Easy to Follow Method

If you are interested in guitars, then you should know that tuning your guitar plays an important role in producing quality sound. Tuning your guitar is easier than you think and you need to tune it each time you pick it up.

Interview With Memphis Rapper Tre Daze

Tre Daze. 1. First, I must ask, what made you want to jump in the music industry?

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