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Creating and Working With Logic Pro Templates

Creating logic pro templates is easy. Included with the software is a wide range of templates that will quickly get you writing music using pre-set instruments and effects in genres as varied as hip hop and movie scores. Take a look at these logic pro templates first, to get an idea of what your custom template will look like. Read more.

Country Music Stars Contributed Early Rockabilly Gems

As rockabilly became more popular, it was clear to established country stars of the time that there was something special going on. And they wanted a piece of the action! Several country stars tried their hand at rockabilly and turned out some great rockabilly tunes that stood with the best of what the rebel rockers were cranking out. In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of these country stars and some of the wonderful songs they contributed to the new rockabilly revolution.

MP3 Downloads Make Buying Music A Breeze

MP3 downloads are a great way of getting the music that you love when you want it the most. There’s never been an easier way to obtain the tracks you enjoy than MP3 downloads.

The Importance of Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is a very popular instrument. However, it is sometimes confused with the guitar and many believe it is an unnecessary instrument that cannot be heard in most musical settings. Neither of those is true, obviously.

Why Guitars Are An Outdated Instrument

For many years, the guitar has been hailed at the icon of rock. But is the guitar holding music back? In this article I will address this issue and look and the positive and negative aspects of the guitar.

Simple Piano Learning Software Would Aid Improvement In All Periods Of Life

Who would have thought that piano learning software would aid improvement in all periods of life? Well this simple statement is true and you can find out how playing the piano can help in one’s development.

Wondering How To Increase Your Vocal Range? The One Thing All Aspiring Singers Want

When you are beginning to sing, it is best to just find your natural voice and range and work on improving that before you start expanding your range. Having a huge range but a poor quality voice will not help you at all – as any professional singer will tell you, it is much better to have an excellent quality voice with a smaller range.

Study The Beatles: Enroll in Liverpool U!

The Beatles is the most commercially outstanding music band in more contemporary music. Despite forty years after the band’s known dissolution, the Beatles discography still possesses an impression on our daily life one way or another – Beatles shirts besides other items are found anywhere, their very own albums and authentic vinyl disks seem to sell off highly up to today – why, they in fact are available on iTunes (and The Beatles Songs are ordered on a rather speedy pace)! Add anything to the words “The Beatles” but it will surely turn out to be awesome straight away.

Online Classical Guitar Lessons: The Difference Between Classical and Flamenco Guitar Positions

At first glance, one may see the Flamenco position as “ergonomically comparable” to the traditional position on the classical guitar. Students ask, and with good reason, if the traditional classical guitar position is used more from tradition than by the actual mechanics of playing the guitar. Is it only tradition that decrees that classical guitarists not use the Flamenco position while playing?

Selling Your Classical Vinyl Collection

Where do I sell my Classical record collection? Searching the internet or wading through numerous music publications can be confusing and sometimes daunting. Finding the right record dealer who can offer you helpful advice on where to sell you classical records can be a challenge.

Record Fairs

Record fairs have been an established part of music buying for well over thirty years. For those who regularly attend their local event, the combination of been able to browse thousands of records under one roof and socializing with people who share the same interest makes for a great day out.

Selling Your Soul Record Collection

Where do I sell my Soul record collection? Browsing the internet or searching through numerous music magazines can be bewildering and sometimes overwhelming. Finding the right person who can offer you helpful advice on where to sell you soul records can be often confusing.

How To Find The Best Hip Hop Music Maker Software – Simple Tips That Work Everytime

Hip Hop is definitely one of the most popular types of music in the world today. So it is no surprise that so many different people want to get involved with the Hip Hop scene and start making nice beats and music.

How To Develop Creativity In Your Guitar Playing – Part 1

Find out why many guitar players have a hard time being creative on guitar. Learn how you can overcome creativity problems in your guitar playing.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Beatles

If you feel you may be the greatest Beatles buff in the world, rethink it. Truth be told, you will find pretty insightful details with regards to the mythical music group that you might haven’t much read anything about – thus far. This report will reveal to you some of the most stimulating details of one of the best rockband that ever were around across the world – The Beatles.

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