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Taylor Swift’s New Song Shoots to Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100!

Taylor Swift is well known for how she connects with her fans, and has always been one of the young artists entirely comfortable and natural with the use of social media as a way of promoting her music. The launch for her brand new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was no different. The “Speak Now” songstress got online and did a live web chat and Google hang out with fans worldwide. She also had a few select lucky fans right from across the globe there in the room with her, which gave the whole event a really personal feel.

Writing a Blues-Rock Song in the Style of Led Zeppelin II (Part 2)

Let’s put the whole “Led Zeppelin plagiarized” nonsense behind us. Blues as a developing art form depends on borrowing, as does all art. In fact, let’s conduct an experiment with the songs resulting from this series. I suggest that if we are successful, people will recognize a Led Zeppelin influence. In fact, if we’re really successful, some will probably accuse US of stealing or imitating at least. If they do, I’m going to take that as a compliment, because I can think of no way to better honor Led Zeppelin than to imitate them well.

Writing a Blues-Rock Song in the Style of Led Zeppelin II (Part 4)

There really is “nothing new under the sun”. We absorb influences, process them, add our own personality, including our limitations, and thus we create. That’s the truth. Whoever wants you to “be original” or “don’t imitate” is egotistical, and wrong. Great artists build upon the greatness of their forbears. Having said that, let’s explore the Killing Floor of another genius who understood this reality, Jimi Hendrix, and see if Led Zeppelin might have borrowed from him.

The Violin: Dave Swarbrick, Fiddle Player Extraordinaire

Dave Swarbrick was born in 1941 in New Malden London. He was destined to become one of the most influential fiddle players in the United Kingdom, and is now as he was in his youth, very active on the British folk circuit.

Best Dubstep Software Period

Find out the best software for making dubstep music today. Anybody can afford it and easily use it even without prior music making software knowledge.

Writing a Blues-Rock Song in the Style of Led Zeppelin II (Part 1)

Led Zeppelin is one of the last bands whose followers were more like disciples than mere fans. Certainly I worship at their altar. They were just so much more musically interesting, hard-working and adventurous than other bands of their time, or of this time for that matter. I really want to figure out how they worked. I want to follow in their footsteps – make a pilgrimage to the origin of one of their blues adaptations, say Lemon Song/Killing Floor. Follow or join me and help me figure this out. Rekindle the art of the greatest Rock and Roll band in history – and maybe learn how to be the next one!

Testament – Dark Roots of the Earth

In March of 1991, I was fortunate enough to catch Slayer while they were “Touring the Abyss.” I’ve seen a lot of bands throughout the years, and it’s VERY hard to beat a Slayer show. In fact, the only thing that is better than a Slayer show, is a Slayer show when they have a killer band open for them.

Meet Marvin Falcon

Marvin Falcon believes it is easier for a jazz guitarist to learn classical guitar than it is for a classical guitarist to learn jazz. He also is a magician with his ukuleles.

In a World of Illegal Music Downloading, Does Anyone Really Appreciate Music Anymore?

Music is around us so much that we take it for granted. For most of human existence, before recorded sound, music could only be enjoyed live, making it a fleeting experience that was highly valued. Now it seems few people value music, to the point they don’t even want to pay for it.

Considerations for Learning the Piano Online

It is now possible to learn the piano well online. This article will go through some considerations you should keep in mind when learning the piano online.

The Other Side of Motown

Let me take you back in time to 1959: an enterprising young man named Berry Gordy Jr. took an $800 loan and a dream and created what became “The Motown Sound.” We all know the story of how the Motown Sound influenced a generation and a culture of Black Music and Black Artists.

The Violin: How to Set Up a New Student Violin

In this article I intend to explain how to set up a student violin for the complete beginner. As with lots of purchases these days, the internet is supplying more and more items, and it is often the case that musical instruments are bought from an online site; here are the things you must do to enable you to play your violin.

Beat Making Software, Creators, and Online Programs – What You Must Know BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY!

BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY ON BEAT MAKING SOFTWARE READ THIS!… First, Do not use online beat makers that require an internet connection to use them. Although they may offer a few tools that might be cool, the problem is when you make beats online you run the risk of slow processing and lag in your quality because of internet speeds. Make sure you can download your beat making software to your desktop. Secondly, It is also important that you make sure your beat making software provides you with more options other than making 1 bar loops. Looping 1 bar is quite limiting to your creative process. It is an absolute necessity and minimum to be able to grow your beat count and timeline to at least 16 to 32 bars.

Mary Margaret O’Hara – The Missing Genius of Miss America

A consideration of Mary Margaret O’Hara’s ‘Miss America.’ Why she is worthy of your attention.

Put Together Your Own Project Employing Online Rap Instrumentals

Up and coming independent artists are taking advantage of purchasing rap instrumentals online without paying tons of cash for big name producers. We will look at why should you as an artist look into this latest trend.

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