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What to Know About Violin Cases: An Overview

Choosing a violin case for a student violin is simple; but the more expensive the violin, choosing the right case can get tricky. Before any discussion about violin cases, we must face a simple fact: A violin case is a necessity for any violinist, whether beginner or professional. A violin case is required for safely transporting a violin and for keeping the instrument protected from harm as well as from extreme climates.

Student Violin Outfits: How to Choose

Investing in a quality violin outfit for a student player could be a wise decision providing that you’re armed with the knowledge of what to look for and what questions to ask. If a parent is convinced that their student violinist is at a point where it makes sense to invest in their own violin – as opposed to spending more towards renting an instrument – purchasing a violin outfit may be the wisest investment. Violin outfits are sold through local violin shops as well as online music stores and online stores maintained by skilled…

Student Violin Outfits: An Overview for Parents

In the market for a good student violin? Before you buy a la carte, consider purchasing a violin outfit that includes everything a student player needs to get started.

Thank You For The Music, Scotland!

Scotland has produced some rather great food, not to mention the whiskey – but which musicians were raised in Bonnie Scotland, and where are they now? From Lulu to Bon Scott, these Highlanders helped to shape the face of music as we now know it.

How To Play Better Guitar Solos Pt 3 – Making Your Solos Sound More Emotional

Want to play guitar solos with more feeling? Learn how to play highly emotional guitar solos by reading this article.

The Truth About Student Music Recitals

Should a music student perform in a recital? This is a frequently asked question. And the answer requires explanation, which is the subject of this article.

Care and Maintenance of Student Violins – Violin Parts

Part of the joy of teaching violin students to play is to teach them how to properly care for their instrument, whether leased or owned. Properly caring for an instrument is as important an exercise as learning to play. In fact, each task goes hand in hand.

Intermediate and Student Violins From Snow

Over the years, many luthiers have traveled from China to Europe to learn the fine art of violinmaking from reputable schools in Germany, France and Italy. Some of the more highly trained and talented violinmakers set up workshops where they created quality instruments and trained new makers. One of these luthiers was Xueping Hu, founder of the Snow workshop in Beijing, China.

Metronomes: Essential Violin Accessories for Students

There are plenty of violin accessories available for student violinists, as well as for those who play cello, viola or bass. Few, if any, of the accessories on the market are unnecessary. Most violin accessories, such as dampits, mutes and fine tuners are useful, essential even.

Electronic Tuners: Essential Violin Accessories for Students

For the beginning violin student, there are two basic challenges to playing music well: playing in time and playing in tune. Obviously, in order to play in tune, the violin student – as well as those students who study the viola and cello – must make sure that their instrument is in tune as far as their open strings. This is a must before a single finger lands on the violin fingerboard.

Renting a Violin for Your Student Violinist

Depending on your beginning violin student’s personality, level of commitment, maturity and other factors, you may decide that you would like to rent your child an instrument rather than purchasing a new one. There are plusses and minuses to both scenarios. If you do decide to go the rental route, there are very important things to know and understand before actually renting the instrument for your child.

Types of Cello Strings: An Overview

There are many, many different brands and types of cello strings for the beginner, intermediate and professional player. Some of these strings are very affordable, some less so depending on their core material as well as the material they are wound with.

Choosing a Violin Teacher for Your Child

If your child has expressed an interest in playing the violin (or the viola or the cello), odds are good that their school provides basic music courses, such as beginning orchestra, where a student can learn the basics of a string instrument. But typically, class instruction is rarely enough to allow a student to progress as rapidly as if he or she studies the instrument privately. This is true, even if the ratio between hours spent with a private teacher and hours spent in a group class is five to one.

Cello Accessories for the Beginning Player

If your child is just starting out as a student cellist, you’ve most likely rented him or her a cello. Or if your child joined the school orchestra, he or she is using a student cello provided by the school.

The Story of Lady Gaga in a Few Words

By now, there are few people who have not heard of Lady Gaga. Her sounds and image have left an unmistakable stamp on the world of pop music. But how did she get there?

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