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The World of the Audio Enthusiast

Hi-fi enthusiasts are also known as audiophiles, but many people think of them more as ‘Audiophools’! Although many people around the world have hobbies or interests that take up a lot of their spare time and surplus funds, the world of the audio enthusiast very often goes way, way beyond that.

Adult Guitar Lessons: Can You Really Learn Guitar “Over 50”?

Recently I received a phone call from a guy in his 70’s who asked me (rather sheepishly) if it was “too late” to start learning to play the guitar; to his astonishment I replied “when do you want to start!” As it turned out this fellow had been a music instrument representative who on an average day carried a Gretsch guitar in one hand and a Gibson in the other, he had traveled the world met many of the top players..

Top 10 Tips on Improving Tabla Practice

Learn the top 10 tips to elevate your tabla practice and performance techniques. Develop your skills and maximise your ability. Tabla master class to help you shift gears from strength to strength. You can apply these tips to any form of practice, whether it’s Indian classical music of fitness or just day to day life.

Music Helps In Motivating Seniors To Exercise

We seniors benefit from physical exercise as much or more than younger people. Yet, the motivation to begin and maintain a workout regimen comes harder for us. Listening to music can be a great way to get up and going to get our bodies in shape.

How To Clean Shellac Old 78rpm Records

Do you have old 78 rpm shellac records that need cleaning? Then avoid modern vinyl cleaning fluid as it could do more harm than good.

Adult Guitar Lessons: 5 Top Reasons To Start Playing Guitar Today

Over 50, 60, 70 and always wanted to play guitar but have been put off by common guitar myths? Read on, you will be surprised at what’s not true! If you have been ‘putting off’ learning the guitar because you were told you are too old or that you are tone deaf or have dumb fingers take comfort from knowing that all theses things are simply NOT true; let’s examine each one and look at the up side of learning as an adult.

The Story Behind Simon And Garfunkel’s Greatest Hit Songs: “Homeward Bound”

One of the best songs ever written that captures the loneliness of the road was Simon and Garfunkel’s Hit Song “Homeward Bound”. But was it written for a real person? And exactly where was Simon when he wrote it? Read onward to found out.

The Power of Rap Music

Everybody loves music. If you know somebody who doesn’t, ask him to try experimenting with more genres and artists, and actually listen to the lyrics. I have been in love with music my entire life, but have never truly understood the value of lyrics until recently. In fact, it was by learning how to pay to attention to lyrics, that I finally overcame my problem of not paying attention to what others say in real life.

Pop Genius: Shaun Ryder And The Happy Mondays

The Happy Mondays were one of the most important and influential rock n’ roll bands of all time. In creating their groundbreaking music, they influenced platinum-selling groups from The Stone Roses to Oasis to Primal Scream, shaping the mainstream of British music for years to come as well as shaping a great deal of the American rock scene then and now.

Trumpet History

In order to track the history of the trumpet, we need to time travel several thousand years back in history! Early trumpets date back to 1500BC and earlier — samples of silver and bronze trumpets were found in King Tut’s tomb. Other metal and ceramic trumpets dating to this same period have also been traced to Scandinavia, China, Central Asia, and other civilizations.

5 Common Myths About Learning Guitar, You’ll Be Surprised by What’s Not True!

Myth 1 – You either ‘got it’ or you ain’t! Fact – This is a very common ‘old wives’ tale were people believe that some people are truly gifted and have been touched by some ‘divine ray’..

Learn Guitar Chords: Discover One Simple Step to Guitar Playing Success

Every successful musician or songwriter knows instinctively that they must captive their listener’s attention within the first three seconds of their performance or composition or lose them forever; in fact, that is one of the primary reasons for their success! Musical light bulb moment 1: Three seconds? Yes, the first time I became aware of the all important time frame was when I was working in a music store as a guitar teacher/ instrument demonstrator during my lunch break I would often head over…

Album Review – Phillip E. Mitchell – Therapy

Self-taught singer-songwriter and pianist Phillip E. Mitchell’s LP, Therapy, should keep you on the couch for the duration of its forty-five minute running time-about the time of a typical session of therapy, but for a reduced fee. Athens music magazine, The Flagpole, called Mitchell’s music “soulful” and “mellow” with a “theatrical edge” while on tour with the Colorful Quiet in 2009, a tradition he continues with his latest release, Therapy.

What Is Rapper Drake’s Net Worth in 2013?

With over 5 million album sales, 12 Number One Singles, and several significant awards including a Grammy for “Best Rap Album of 2013,” Drake musical success has allowed himself to amass great wealth at a young age. Drake has a current estimated net worth $30 million. Drake has earned most of his income from album sales and touring.

Video May Have Killed The Radio Star, But It Can Be The Birth Of An Indie Musician

Music Videos may have killed the radio star, but they could cause fame for the Indie Musician! Find out some tips, apps, and things to do with little to no budget.

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