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How to Become a Reputable DJ

In this day and age, most celebrations are not considered complete unless accompanied by complementing music genres. Although there are millions of music types that can be used to crown each partying moment, it takes the prowess of a finely trained and dedicated music DJ to identify songs with the ability to bring about the desired feeling or effects. As a result of improved technological knowhow and adoption of computers as the ideal gateway to achieving various ends, most people can now download music from the internet and make it available through the use of laptops. However, it takes a lot more than just playing music to be recognized as a professional DJ.

Finding a Ukulele Store

The ukulele is a four stringed instrument that originated in Hawaii. The strings are typically made up of nylon or gut.

The Violin: How Silent Are Silent Violins, and Should I Buy a Cheap or Expensive One

In this article I am going to discuss, contrast and compare the relative merits of two “silent” violins. What is a silent violin? Well, these are electric violins that come with headphones and enable you to be able to practice without disturbing neighbours and family. Even if you can play an acoustic violin very well, if you are practicing a piece of music and going over it again and again, it can really annoy people in close proximity

Songwriters – Eliminate Distractions When You Write Songs

Being distracted hacks away at our ability to be creative and get things done. We’re in a time when distraction plagues us. We can be all alone in a quiet room, yet emails, text messages, phone calls and social networking sites tug on our attention until we give it to them. And that usually takes about three seconds to happen.

Musicians – How Making Decisions Will Make You a Better Songwriter

Successful people make quick decisions. They don’t wait around and ponder things for months, worrying if they’re making the right choice. They decide, and if they end up making the wrong choice they process the information and use it as a knowledge base for a future decision. They learn from their mistakes, and turn them into advantages. In this article, we’ll look at how this applies to songwriters.

Songwriting – The Road to Becoming a Master Songwriter

Become a master in the field of songwriting is a process. We’ll take a quick glimpse at the process in this article.

Songwriters – Dispel Your Limiting Beliefs to Achieve What You Want in the Music Business

Songwriting can seem like a tough business to be in, so having the right mindset and a positive attitude is important. A lot of people create limiting beliefs about themselves that hold them back from accomplishing what they really want. Songwriters do it all the time. In this article we’ll look at how you can shatter those limiting beliefs about your songwriting abilities.

Taking the Right Voice Lessons

Though lots of people can sing, there are only some who really have the raw talent for it. However, this should not hinder those who would really like to improve the voice that they have for singing. There may only be a few who can become popular singing stars but the others can still use their good singing voice for a living.

Guitar Fretboard Notes – Playing The Fretboard Efficiently

Guitar fretboard notes are the basic things you need to learn when starting to play the guitar. With your mastery of these notes, you can be prepared for a more advanced concepts and skills on guitar playing.

Mama Mia We’ve Forgotten The Beatles

I’ve taught media studies for a number of years and was inspired to create a simple pop culture test. The test was based on student conversations about artists and musical genres I’d never heard of.

Continuing Education: The Importance of Reading for the Professional Musician

Being a professional musician requires more than practice and performance. Learn the value of continuing to develop through reading and get ideas of the types of material to read.

Defining Bass Guitar Prices

An overview of the different bass guitar prices. How to determine whether you should consider a new bass guitar or second hand.

How to Become a Professional Singer

People who have the talent in singing can become professional singers. However, though some do not really become big stars, they still can earn a living from their excellent singing voices. Aside from becoming professional singers who perform or record their music together with their bands, individuals may also work on becoming professional studio singers.

Repetitive Strain Injury in Musicians and Especially Saxophone Players

There are many more problems causing repetitive strain injury in musicians than a short article can cover so I am going to focus on one in particular which I’ve found prevalent. This is tension in the neck and shoulders.

Songwriting – How Your Listeners Perceive Your Song Titles

People will either see the title of your song before they hear it, OR they’ll hear your song first and want to know what the title is. In this article, we’ll look at why you should consider both of these ideas when coming up with your song’s title.

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