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The History Associated With The Contemporary Piano

Music is significant these days moreover over the years it seems to have developed over time. The instruments that were once used, to the music that had been once enjoyed, both together have evolved considerably. The one important thing that remains persistent tends to be that music can still be used today to interact with each other. It is used to help get your content out there and inspire other individuals.

Steve Jobs, The Beatles and Songwriting

In the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, Steve discusses how a bootleg recording of the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” sessions helped him shape his business philosophy. There technique of constantly re-writing and improving their songs until they were perfected influenced the Apple design process. It’s also great advice for any struggling songwriter.

Why I Love Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” (And You Should Too!)

What can I say about Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” that hasn’t been said already? I dunno, a lot I guess. I love it and here’s why you should too!

Good Quality Cables Can Help Your System Perform Better

You have got the most expensive hifi system, have fitted the best performing accessories, have positioned your speakers correctly and have got the most powerful amplifier for your system, but still your system doesn’t perform well. At least your system doesn’t give you the acoustic feel you wanted.

A Brief History of Rock Legends Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is one of the world’s all-time most influential rock music acts. This article explores their history and how they came to be regarded as such a popular music group.

Why Is Earthing Essential for Your Hifi Equipment?

Electrocution. Not many people would be aware of the word. However, almost all of you would be aware that electric shock causes death.

The Roots and Growth Of Reggae

Ska developed in Jamaican studios in the late 1950s, born of the earlier genre known as Mento. It is often recognized by its quarter-note walking bass-lines, accentuated guitar or piano rhythms played offbeat, & a drum pattern that emphasizes the 3rd beat in the bar. The jazz-influence can be heard in the exuberant horn-riffs that are so characteristic of the ska-genre. The music became a staple for Jamaican & international youth, outside of Jamaica most notably the UK Mods.

Mods Versus Rockers: Brighton, 1964

The Mods & the Rockers were two conflicting youth cultures of the early to mid 1960s. This conflict was fuelled by both the combatants themselves & the politicians & media. The spectacle, televised & splashed across the newspapers in 1964, had created a moral panic in the UK. The state of British youth was now called into question, with both mods & rockers being seen as degenerate, violent & out of control.

Henryk Gorecki – The Master of Silence

In the early 1990s, at the peak of his popularity, Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki’s classical compositions hit the contemporary pop charts and overshadowed such artists as Leonard Cohen, Madonna or David Bowie. ‘The Telegraph’ ranked him third among the most influential performers and show-business figures of the time. Best known for his ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’, he is often called the most Polish modern composer.

How to Promote Your Music and Get Discovered?

Social media sites are one of the best ways to get your new single and album out to the public. It is a given that you will grow and reach a broader fan base if you use these social medias effectively. You’ve been using social media sites like MySpace, Reverbnation, and YouTube for years, but why have you not been discovered?

Learn How to Sing T and D

Learn to sing T’s and D’s without sounding unnatural. A singer’s goal should be to make the words sound real and conversational. This means using a good mix of vowels and consonants. Our crazy mixed-up American English makes it difficult, however, to establish hard and firm rules. Whatever you do, use care to keep T and D sounding natural.

Learn Guitar Online: 3 Deadly Sins Guitarists Commit Trying to Learn Guitar

Are you committing these sins? Read this article to find out!

Top 10 Bass Songs of All Time

These are just my favorite 5 Dubstep songs of all time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but this is just my prospective and I know I haven’t really been exposed to too many songs. Number 5 Skrillex – Scary Monsters. – I know “Skrillex is one of the least talented artist out there,” “he’s a sell out,” and all those other remarks.

Create Guitar Solos That Sing Like A Professional Singer

One of the best ways you can make your lead guitar playing stand out from other players, is to examine how a singer makes melodies in his or her music. Read this article and learn more.

How to Find The Right Piano Lessons For You

The piano is one of the hardest instruments to learn, but learning how to play it can be very rewarding, especially for young children. In fact, it is best to start learning the piano while you are still young. Learning how to play the piano helps children become more responsible and disciplined. Practicing daily and completing assignments on time will require a lot of dedication, and showing that you really care for your piano lessons and sheet music can help increase responsibility. Many kids will express an interest in wanting to learn how to play the piano; some parents will require them to take lessons. Well, no matter what the case maybe, here are some tips that can help you find some good piano lessons.

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