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Finding a Good DJ Online: How to Really Get The Best Deal

Finding the right DJ or other entertainment online can be a tough task, but if you do it right, you can save yourself a lot of money and still get incredibly good entertainment for your party, wedding or corporate events. This article offers several steps to maximizing entertainment value while keeping costs as low as possible.

Different Types of Music

Here we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of music genres. The types of music have been explained as below. Blues Blues is further divided into different types.

How To Turn Standard Arpeggios Into Awesome Sweep Picking Licks

Wish you knew how to make your arpeggio licks sound more creative? This is how: stop trying to find new arpeggio patterns to learn and begin applying the familiar patterns you are already familiar with in creative ways. It’s simple to do – the following are four methods that will make the arpeggio patterns you know sound like awesome guitar licks..

How To Play Amazing Lead Guitar Solos By Studying King Diamond – Part 1

Vocalists have so much to offer when it comes to teaching guitar players how to play better solos. In fact, most guitarists never think about studying vocalists to help them improve their solos…

Why Antique Pianos Need New Soundboards

Many great pianos are over a hundred years old. I make the argument that they need new soundboards to last another hundred years.

Top 10 Mistakes Starting a Good Band You Must Avoid

There are so many problems to confront when starting a band. If you want to have fun, let alone have some success, definitely avoid these situations.

Zappa Wipeout Surfaris Pipeline Chantays and Rancho Cucamonga

The musical paths that cross are sometimes more wondrous than the music itself. Frank Zappa Wipeout Surfaris Pipeline Chantays and five track recording all crossed paths in the once upon a time wine country of Cucamonga.

How To Cover Up Mistakes While Playing In a Band Onstage

Making mistakes while performing in front of an audience can be a real bummer. However with these tips you can be the only one who knows that you made a mistake.

Today’s Music: Where Are We Heading to?

Today’s music seem to lack the influence that music in the past decades had. Sometimes, the music evolves faster than fans can cope.

Indie And Alternative Music, What Is It?

What is it? Everybody knows but can’t describe it. Here are a few thoughts on what Indie and Alternative Rock is.

Do Vintage Guitars Sound Better Than New?

With the price of vintage solid body guitars souring ever higher it must be time ask, are they worth it? Do vintage guitars sound better than new guitar? The short answer is, no they don’t sound better necessarily, but second, yes they might be worth it.

Was There Life Before Classical Music?

I can only imagine what introduced me to good music. Certainly there was little to be cheery about in post-war Britain. A ration book austerity that today’s youngsters cannot imagine was the cross we all had to bear. In our 1950s humble home, with its four-station box radio we kids were told to hush when John McCormack, the love duet from Madame Butterfly or the prelude from La Traviata was playing. I could see merit in classical but was seduced by Country Music and the 60s Mersey Sound when I reached my teens. Afterwards, I lost my appetite for music. Instead I focused on other interests but had some inclination towards military and brass bands. BBC 3 Radio was pompous, its musical offerings discordant and heavy. Its self-opinionated music snobs treated we plebs with contempt. BBC 2 did condescend to provide a few hours of light classical mostly on a Sunday evening such as Your 100 Best Tunes.

Examining The Most Important Aspects Of Your Next Turntable

Have you ever thought about purchasing a brand new turntable? Before you do, you should learn more about these machines, their internal components and features. Within this guide, you will be able to familiarize yourself with these devices, so you can make a better purchase for your money.

Adele and Whitney Houston – Best Female Performers

This article looks at Adele and Whitney Houston singing styles and what makes them so great. How much does production add or subtract from the performance?

New Squeeze Album Hard to Find, But Certainly Worth the Search

Their history reads like that of a superstar. They had three Top Twenty songs, another hit well-known enough to appear in three motion pictures as well television commercials, and they recorded with Elvis. Their career even served as the basis for a hit musical, called Labelled with Love.

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