Nick Perri “Sunset To Sunset” | 1939 Gibson L-00 at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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Cloud Cult Songs – Top 5 And Why

A listing of the top five best Cloud Cult songs. The author gives a brief review of each song.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”: It Took HOW Long To Write

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was their only number one hit in the United States. And it came while the band was going through enough agony to wreck several bands. You’ll be amazed to learn how long it really took to write the song.

Bruno Mars Back From Space

Bruno Mars’ ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ is a study in epic pop sensibilities. With note-perfect vocals and expansive musical excursions, Mars’ latest effort is a shot into space.

Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”: Was It Plagiarized?

While Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” was easily one of the best songs of the year it was shadowed by accusations of plagiarism. Joe Satriani accused them in court of stealing part of one of his songs. Did the allegation have merit? I have a few thoughts you might find of value.

Michael Schenker RSVP

Michael Schenker is undoubtedly in the virtuoso category of rock guitarists. Starting with the Scorpions at age 16, Schenker’s signature tone and classically influenced, soulful lines have made their way onto his latest album.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Easily one of the greatest bands in the history of music, Led Zeppelin has been largely missing-in-action for over 30 years. With the release of the live DVD, Led Zep proves why they were and are a live force to be reckoned with.

Attention Independent Music Artists: How to Get DJ’s to Play Your Record

The question: How do I get DJ’s to spin my record? The answer: It is not easy! Most DJ’s are terrified to play anything that isn’t already considered a hit by the mainstream consumer because they are typically the majority of the party. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but in general a DJ is going to stick to what they already know will work and not take any risks. Here are some tips that might help you climb over this huge hurdle.

Are You Afraid to Take Risks to Become Better On Guitar?

As 2013 enters it’s second month, I have a question for you: Have you tried something new lately? The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is true the majority of the time, but maybe it’s time to break this rule in favor of something new.

Trumpets and Other Brass Instruments

There are many different kinds of brass instruments available in the music industry. No orchestra is complete without these instruments. They often occupy the pride of place in marching bands.

Las Vegas Night Clubs

No one can deny that Las Vegas is a city for adult entertainment above anything else. There are some of the best nightclubs and burlesque shows in the entire world, and they are all very professional at their craft. If you want to see women dancing in a strip club, or you want a more erotic show, you will always find the perfect spot to suit your specific taste in adult entertainment.

Songwriters – How to Effectively Plan Your Song

When writing a song, I always like to plan out each section of the song, before I put pen to paper to write the lyrics. It helps to keep the song focused. In this article we’ll look at how you can do that.

Strategies for Digital Recording

This will be a series of tips and strategies involving the recording of music in a home studio situation. These tips and strategies will based on my own experiences in the field. These articles will cover everything from creation of a musical work to mastering a finished product.

The Best Kinks Songs – Top 5 And Why

A top 5 list of the best songs by The Kinks. Each song is briefly reviewed and explained.

80S Music: Big Guitars, Vocals and Sound

80s music is a much-maligned period in entertainment history. The fact is, there were groundbreaking performances and songwriting moments in this decade that have never been equalled.

Three Quick Tips to Download Beats That Sound Professional

Wait! Know the difference to download beats online that sound professional and not the ones that never make it past an artist’s iPod. Take advantage of these three quick tips consistently, and in time you’ll develop a work ethic that the majority of artists do not have and which will help to ensure your success to download beats online that sound professional.

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