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Guitar Tricks – Stronger Fingers!

When you are a guitar player, your fingers have to be skillful and agile in order to allow chord changes, strumming and plucking. On the other hand, they need to be strong and though in order to press the strings down hard enough to get clean tones as well. Here is how to get it done!

Hip Hop Software Takes Away the Headaches and Cranks Out Hot Beats for Beat Maker Newbies

Learn how beat making software will help you make beats like your favorite producer. Dr. Dre and Just Blaze is in you somewhere, this beat maker program is like an avatar of their musical spirits.

Buying Tips for Electric Guitar

If you are looking for an electric guitar, you have to keep various things in mind. You first have to decide what exactly you are looking for and how much money you can spend on buying them.

Wedding Reception Music FAQs

This article is a summary of some frequently asked questions regarding wedding music entertainment. It covers questions such as father daughter dance songs, musician requirements, music selection, timings and run sheet schedules, playlists and guidelines.

Handy Tips: Live Music at Your Wedding Reception

Wedding music entertainment for your reception: live jazz band or a DJ? Handy tips and hints on how to decide which option is the best fit for your wedding.

Bass Guitars: Perfect Way to Learn Music

Guitars have always been one of the most favorite musical instruments. They have always represented youth. Most people find it cool to own and known how to play one. There are different types of guitars that are available and one needs to know that though they all look same the technique to play them varies.

Bass Guitars: A Guitar With a Difference

Guitars are seen in almost every music concert, band performance and musical show. The ability to make music from this instrument may seem easy but in reality it’s not all that easy, and one needs to learn to play it well. Learning to play a bass guitar, especially, needs a great amount of patience.

Bass Guitar: An Instrument Which Needs to Be Played With Precision

Guitars have been one of the most important musical instruments in the music arena. It is one musical instrument which is popular with people of all ages. There are a lot of people who even own a standard guitar and play one.

Yamaha Guitar Throwdown: Avoiding 3 Big Beginning-Buyer Mistakes

Yamaha makes some great guitars, but what about their beginner acoustic guitars? Too many people buy a guitar using the wrong measuring stick and they end up so miserable they quit – so how do the entry-level Yamahas stack up?

Online Mandolin Shopping

Many are fond of playing instruments and some are even spending too much juts to attend the best music lesson in town. Why are there so many people fond of learning to play various instruments such as drums and guitars? Are these instruments can take all their worries away and whatever stress they feel? Some can’t afford to buy their own instruments no matter how hard they try.

Some Useful Tips for Playing Bass Guitar

The bass guitar has become popular for several years and will never go out of fashion. There are a lot of people who are trying to make career in the music industry as bass guitarists. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication.

Bass Guitar Series: Bass Guitar for Beginners

Bass guitarists are the driving force to the band and this is one of the reasons why it is recommended to get a trained professional when you want to become a guitarist, so that you can make a special place for yourself. You must be aware of the fact that playing bass guitar as a hobby can be an easy task, however, it’s harder to become an expert.

Tips to Learn How to Play the Bass Guitar

Really learning bass guitar means that you want to be different from the guitarists who learn as a part of hobby. This is because the bass guitar is responsible for all the pulses contributing to the band. The guitarist works together with the drummer and makes the place for setting and maintaining the rhythm and the pace.

Points to Be Taken Into Account While Learning About Bass Guitars

Playing guitar is a common activity amongst youngsters these days. They have the passion to learn a different thing and they feel relieved from their hectic schedules. For few persons, it is just a hobby and for a few it’s a full time job to earn money.

Useful Information on Bass Guitars

In the present time, music has occupied an immense place in our life. It is one of those things which many people like to listen to. People listen to music when they are free or to remove the strain on their mind. There are various musical instruments which contribute significantly in the making of music.

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