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Getting The Most Out Of Your Guitar Practice Schedule

Learn how to get the most out of your practice time. Learn how to create a good practice schedule so that you can get better at playing the guitar faster.

What Equipment Should I Use to DJ?

A detailed article to help you make an easy decision before purchasing DJ equipment. In this article we look at three options all fantastic in their own right but which one suits your needs as a beginner, armature or professional DJ?

All Justin Bieber Songs

An article about the popular Justin Bieber songs that he has released up until now, which is October of 2011. I will take a look at which songs have been his big hits, and which other songs have been popular with the fans.

Advantages of Going ‘Pro’ – The Avid Mbox

The Mbox Pro is the deluxe version of the Mbox – THE recording interface of choice for musicians and audio technicians the world over. But is it worth forking out the extra money to get the ‘Pro’ version? Read ahead to find out.

Over the Air Radio Hurts Most Artists

Music is an import part of many people’s lives yet most people depend on over the air radio to satisfy their music thirst. But radio stifles music by not allowing an open submission policy, force feeding the same material over and over and over into the psyche of the listeners. Many people believe that if music is not on the radio then it is no good.

An Equalizer Is Essential for Quality Sound Reproduction

A sound equalizer is an integral part of music production. It allows the finished product to be pleasing and pure at any volume level, resulting in a pleasurable listening experience.

Writing Music As Expressive Therapy

Almost everyone has found some form of therapeutic release in their own lives that helps keep them balanced and centered. Over the years I have found that for myself one of the most effective psychological tools is writing music as expressive therapy.

The NSDesign Wav 4 Electric Violin – Product Review

This violin is like no other you have ever seen or played before. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it being played by an excellent musician named Edward Howe, who incorporated it with a Boss Loop Station into his live set. Having fallen in love with it, I was rather surprised when I first played one that it felt uncomfortable and strange to hold. So what was the problem?

Make Your Own Rap Beat With Beat Software

The professionals can give you lots of rap beat tips, but the basics to remember are tempo, balance and sound quality. If you can get a good handle on all of these, you can produce your own custom beat that will be good enough to compete with the sounds you hear on the radio.

Singing Voice Lessons

This article is for anybody who is learning to sing. It deals specifically with the topic of singing voice lessons.

The Secret To Programming Great GarageBand Drum Tracks

The one thing that has been consistently difficult for me has been producing great drum tracks. Luckily, today’s music software, like GarageBand, help make the process much easier than it used to be. Let me share with you my secret to programming great GarageBand drum tracks.

Southern Rock Is on Red Dirt Radio

Do you love the old Southern Rock Bands? Bands like The Marshall Tucker Band, The Allman Brothers, Pure Prairie League, The Band and Molly Hatchet. Do you ever wish you could find new bands with that sound? I’m here to tell you that old school Southern Rock is alive and well on Red Dirt Radio.

The Electric Violin – Has It Changed Our Concept of the Instrument?

If I asked you how long do you think that the Electric Violin has been around, you would more than likely scratch you head, and hazard a guess at from the 1960’s. Your reasoning, (which is wrong by the way) is probably because lots of innovations took place in this period, and you would assume that this was one of them.

Tracy Chapman and I

The lady looked quiet young but her sprouting dreadlocks that looked like finger tips underscored the strength of her heart as I watch her through the TV screen sometime in the late eighties. That was about a couple of weeks after her name started flying around.

Music Review: Slumdog Millionaire

Nothing can prepare you for the sound of Slumdog Millionaire. The album mirrors the magical journey of Jamal, a slum dweller who goes on to win a million rupees on Kaun Banega Crorepati.

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