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Guitar Buying – Getting Started With A Practice Amp

If you have limited funds after guitar buying, but would like to own an amp, start out with what’s known as a practice amp – one that has a decent feature set (tone controls, reverb, and two or more volume controls so that you can sculpt your distorted sound) and that delivers a good sound but at low volumes (6 to 12 watts is typical on practice amps). This type of starter amp accustoms you to hearing the electric guitar as it’s designed to be heard – through a guitar amp.

The Ultimate Guitar Buying Guide

Not sure just what all those terms mean in determining the quality of a guitar? Instead of just making sure that you have an instrument that plays in tune, frets easily, and doesn’t collapse like a house of cards if you breathe on it, you also need to make informed decisions. Don’t worry – that’s not as grave as it sounds. The following guitar buying guide will clue you in.

Music Creation and Editing – An Introduction to MIDI

The late 70’s and early 80’s saw the birth of electronic music rather than the traditional instruments of guitars, drums and piano. During this period an electronic sound style known as MIDI was used to create music from the new electro style. A few well-known groups at the time used electronic MIDI to create their unique sound. Although MIDI was certainly not a new thing – some artists like had been using it for some years and the style was often termed ‘synthesiser music’ – but in the earlier days of MIDI many performing artists shunned it in favour of a more traditional approach; however by the 1980’s most bands were using some type of MIDI interface to record music.

The Advantages of Being a Digital DJ With a DJ Console

The advantages of being a digital DJ (and playing with a USB controller) are many. But does it beat DJing with vinyl? Or even DJing with CDs? Many disk jockeys I know refuse to even acknowledge digital DJing and look down their noses at it.

Acoustic Guitars for Girls – The Real Deal

Acoustic guitars for girls have become big business these days. Teenagers and preteens, both boys and girls, have always been interested in music, and these days they seem to really be interested in playing music, as well as listening to it. They like most all instruments, but they seem to be especially intrigued by the guitar. Most teenagers would probably prefer to play the electric guitar because it is deemed to be cool, and many think that is easier to learn to play. However, many adolescents and teenagers and young adults are opting for the mellow, less raucous sounds of the acoustic guitar.

The DJ Business – Starting And Making Money With DJing

Every DJ who is paid to work is essentially in the DJ business. Knowing some useful techniques to increase your DJ bookings and get paid more money on time can be very helpful when progressing from beginner status to successful DJ.

Mobile DJ Equipment – Mobile DJ Gear Advice For Success

Being a mobile DJ is more about playing to the crowd and making people dance. Mobile DJing is about running a full business, balancing the books and adapting to the customer’s requirements. Part of mobile DJing is the ability to choose the best equipment for the job.

How To Improve The Sound Of Your Les Paul Electric Guitar

It’s inevitable that for budget reasons, some guitarists will select a more economical version of a Les Paul electric guitar as the top end versions tend to be financially out of reach. Quite quickly the desire to improve the sound rears its head, so to assist with this help I have compiled some excellent ways to improve the sound of a basic model.

Top 5 Places to Enjoy Old Time Radio

The golden age of radio was a rich and colorful time in American history. In fact, it can be argued that many classics of the time gave birth to the movies and television series we enjoy today!

Left Handed Playing Guitar – Tips for Left Handed Guitar Student

Here’s the deal: playing guitar left-handed is a misnomer. There really is no right-handed or left-handed. Learn how to play guitar in the easiest and fastest way with a professional guitar teacher.

Yamaha DTX Drums

Yamaha has a reputation for bringing professional technology to musicians at affordable prices. Here we take a look at their five newest drum kits that they’ve added to the DTX ranges.

Cheap Concert Tickets: How and Why You Can Find Them on Classified Websites

While there has been focus on ticket scams in recent years, there are legitimate reasons why concert tickets end up on classified websites. There are also legitimate reasons why these tickets are priced below face value.

Adjustable Piano Bench Advantages – Three Important Reasons to Purchase an Adjustable Bench

An adjustable piano bench can have some surprising benefits to musicians, to both amateur and professional. Discover how an adjustable bench be an added asset to your practice space and your musical goals in this short article.

Guitar Lesson Teacher – How to Find the Right Guitar Teacher

Are you looking for an efficient guitar teacher? Learning how to play the guitar can be extremely rewarding and it is a good idea to try and find ways to help you get started in the right direction. Read on this article and find out how you can find the right guitar teacher.

Sound Packs

What are sound packs you ask? Sound packs are what the modern hip hop beat makers use today to create hip hop instrumentals for rap artist. Some established producers and beat makers have gone so far as to putting out their own sound packs for up and coming aspiring producers.

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