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Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Part 5: Covers

The list continues. Here are a few more songs that could be added to the list of best acoustic songs. Only this time, they are all cover songs.

True Audiophiles Unite – Keep Great Music Alive

True audiophiles unite to keep great music alive and vinyl records are at the top of the list. There is nothing more exciting to a music fanatic than putting a record on the turntable and listening to the beautiful sound it makes. Vinyl records are recorded in analog and since you actually hear in analog, it’s a more natural sound that’s more pleasing to the ears.

Multitrack Recording Software: How Not to Record Already-Recorded Tracks

Multitrack recording software allows you to add tracks to previously-recorded tracks. This is mainly used in music recording where, say, you are a singer and want to record yourself singing harmony with yourself. Here is how to make sure each track has only the audio that it should have and not accidentally record other stuff you don’t want.

Vinyl Records Are Not Dead – You Just Need to Know Where to Find Them

Vinyl records are not dead and if you’re not taking advantage of the great music they produce, you don’t know what you’re missing. Many people thought records would become “a thing of the past” when MP3s and CD players became so popular but there are a lot of people who just aren’t ready to say goodbye to them yet. Why let something that sounds as wonderful as vinyl records die out?

Classic Country Artists

Classic country artists have made such an impression on the music industry that many of them have earned a special place in the history of music. Classic country music or as it is sometimes called, Country and Western music, has made its mark on society and it will always a big part of our lives. It’s just as popular today as it was in the beginning even though there are many other types of music to listen to such as rock and roll, pop, hip-hop and so forth.

Guitar Accessories: Powering Up To a Performance Amp

So you want to splurge a little on guitar accessories? Practice amps serve a purpose, but they don’t hold up if you try to turn them up to performance levels. Performance, in this case, means anything from cutting through three friends in a garage jam to making yourself heard over the antics of the overly zealous drummer and bass player at Slippery Sam’s Saturday Night Blues Bash.

Rusty Egan’s Stella Career in Music

Rusty Egan glorifies the decade between 1977 and 1987 when the magic was there and the vibe was truly great; Rusty cites the Studio 54 era as one of his greatest influences. Fresh from The Brit awards, and opening act of the Isle of Wight Festival, Rusty will be drawing the crowds in Marbella and Ibiza this Summer, delivering the goods with his own uniquely polished style, giving a brand new spin to perennial dance classics that no one can resist. This article will chart his amazing career, look back to his influence on the UK club scene and find out what he’s doing now.

How To Set a Guitar’s Intonation

Guitars are often in need of of repair work prior to being in a position to play. The main reason intonation is so fundamental is that it has an impact on the very notes you play and won’t allow your guitar to become perfectly tuned.

VST Guitar – 4 Sample Based Guitar Plug-Ins for the Keyboard Player

As a Keyboard Player who cannot play Guitar, I have in the past written about how to create a more realistic Guitar sounds and solos when playing live. However, where this may produce a slightly more realistic sound for live work, it falls very short when you want to record either backing tracks or original compositions in your home studio. This article details four sample based VST Guitar Plug-ins which produce very acceptable and realistic Guitar performances. Hundreds of articulations and performance effects can be easily achieved, all of them via a Midi Keyboard

The Bjork Tattoo of Self-Determination

Bjork has always expressed herself in her own unique way, directed by her heart, rather than her fears. She has never allowed the mainstream’s judgements of her to affect her negatively. Many of her fans also wear the Vegvesir tattoo, not only to also never be lost, but also to have a piece of her with them.

Choosing a Great Band for Your Wedding Night

You want to find a band who can perform a whole range of music which will appeal to most of the guests at your wedding. You want to look for a song list with a range of musical styles. Even though you and your partner might be country music fans it is important to include other styles so that everyone can enjoy the music and the dance floor isn’t embarrassingly empty.

Music From So You Think You Can Dance

Ricky Jaime and Ryan Ramirez are among the Top 16 contestants in the hit FOX TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance”. Both are trained in many areas but specialize in contemporary. This made a great match for choreographer Sonya Tayeh and the music from So You Think You Can Dance.

Guitar Accessories: Choosing Picks, Strings and Straps

Having issues when choosing the perfect guitar accessories? Here’s your guide when choosing the right picks, strings and straps.

Music For Weddings or an Event

Your wedding is the most important party you will ever plan and the music is one of the key decisions you need to make. You should seriously think about the type of wedding you and your partner want before making a decision. It is not something to rush. Take your time and answer a few questions before deciding on any music.

Grand Piano Bench Facts – A Summary of Various Bench Models and Styles

When you are shopping for a grand piano bench its sometimes confusing as to which model or style is best suited for your piano. This article gives an overview to the various bench models and outlines which benches are the most popular with particular users and settings.

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