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How to Practice The Piano Effectively

Do you think that your improvement at the piano is too slow? If so, here are some helpful piano practicing tips on how to practice the piano more effectively and how to make the best out of your practice time. I admit that some of the tips are quite obvious, however many people simply don’t follow them and therefore don’t progress as fast as they could have.

Beginner Lessons For Guitar

Today were going to talk about beginner lessons for the guitar. The first lessons for beginning guitar player should be easy songs but also songs that the new guitar player is motivated to learn and should be songs that are meaningful to you so that you’ll be more excited to be able to play them.

Rockabilly’s Sun Studios Influenced the Lives of Virtually All Fans of Rock and Roll

Whether they know it or not, virtually every fan of rock music from the 50s straight through to today has felt the influence of the tiny Memphis-based record company Sun Studios. Started in early 1952 by Sam Philips, the tiny record label has had a nearly immeasurable impact on the world of modern music.

Chicago: Chicago Hits XXX With a New Batch of Songs

It had been 15 years since we had heard from the pop mega-band, Chicago. Chicago songs may have changed over the years but XXX is a CD that will bring you the best of this venerable octet.

Affiliate Program for Hip Hop Beats

You can make money with the right affiliate program marketing hip hop beats. A few simple tips can have you started in little time. Learn how to get started now and build your affiliate business for free.

Make Techno Music With The Best Beat Making Program

You must be amazed by how professional Disk Jocks (DJs) spin their disks to produce sounds with beats that set the crowd into dancing? Isn’t it exciting to visit dance-clubs and dance on club-house, psychedelic or techno beats?

How to Buy a Guitar (Safely) Online

Ideally you’ll be able to buy your guitar at a local music store. But that’s not always possible. For a variety of reasons, you may want to buy your guitar online. The good news is, there are a number of reputable online music stores that sell guitars. According to Music Trades, in 2009 hundreds of thousands of new guitars were purchased worldwide from online retailers.

Prog Rock Records In Authentic Vinyl, Sharing The Limelight Of The Music Business

Back in the 60’s, in England’s regions an evolution of a novel music kind was recorded. Known to some as “progressive rock” or frequently called as “prog rock”, this genre of music was instituted with the influence of past symphonies in psych rock format. Characteristic qualities of this incomparable kind of music revolved around notions and themes that are not just unmatched but also particular. Known to be made with a touch of musical theater and a mix of jazz rhythm and prolonged keyboard and guitar instrumentals, this previously venerated recording arrangement developed and remained successful with the presence of jazz vinyl records.

Bass Drums On Fire

The actual technique I’m about to show you is very simple and most of today’s DAWs can handle the task. I use FL Studio 8 because this is the program I’m familiar with. Anyway you can use whatever you want.

Dig Rockabilly Music? 10 Ways to Tell Whether You Are a True Fan

You may have heard of rockabilly music and you may even think you like it. You might even consider yourself quite the expert on the subject and boast proudly that you are a rockabilly cat or chick. But how do you know whether you really dig rockabilly? Here are 10 sure-fire litmus tests that will tell you whether you’re a real rockabilly rebel or just a penny-loafer-wearing soda jerk!

Best Beat Making Programs – How to Differentiate From the Rest

So, I decided to do a Google search on the best beat making programs these days, but couldn’t find one good solution to it. The search results were flooded with over 8 million results. Due to this, it is very difficult to find the best beat making program for yourself.

The Dimensions of a Fender Jaguar

The Fender Jaguar typically has dimensions that seem tricky to some musical instruments. However, it still remains to be popularly used to this date.

Epiphone Texan Buying Guide – How to Buy an Epiphone Texan Guitar

The Epiphone Texan is a wonderful sounding guitar made in the advanced Jumbo style. This classic, acoustic flattop instrument is a great option to consider when purchasing a guitar if you are seeking big sound and huge features at a price which will not bust your budget. Here, we’ll take a look at how the guitar sounds, how it appears, and what a person should look for while considering a purchase.

Five Obscure Rockabilly Classics You Should Know

One of the ways to have the most fun with rockabilly is to seek out the obscure artists and songs. Uncovering a rare, virtually unknown gem is always rewarding! Here are five artists and songs you may not have heard of before that are well worth checking out.

Display Your Guitars and Violins in Display Cases for Safety

There are such a wide variety of reasons to display your guitars and violins inside display cases instead of out in the open air where they can eventually become damaged. The following is a guide that can help you make this important decision to protect your investment while at the same time allowing it to be constantly viewed for your enjoyment.

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