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Kuti Fela – 10 Things You Certainly Never Knew About the Afrobeat Legend

Fela Kuti is a great iconic afrobeat musician coming from Nigeria. His African tunes has given him quite a large number of admirers plus his song was adapted into a Broadway show that just recently received 3 Tony awards. This is likely well-known information some people already have.

How To Choose The Right DJ For Your Event Or Function

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right DJ for your event or function to help you decide what is best for you. Things to look out for and the do’s and don’ts of choosing a DJ.

How To Tune Drums The Easy And Correct Way – Free Drum Tuning Guide

This free how to tune drums guide will give drummers a simple approach on how to tune drums using techniques used by professional drummers. Tuning drums doesn’t have to be complicated. This article gives a step by step approach on how to tune drums.

What’s Your Favorite Chord? – Mine’s the Versatile Major Seventh

The Major 7th chord remains one of those paradoxical mysteries of music. Some listeners love the ‘timeless eternal wow!’ (my definition), that is evoked by slowly strumming these chords on the guitar. Some say this unique sound makes them feel somewhat sad and disoriented. Others experience liberation when hearing these chords played fast, as in Latin jazz, or slow, as in the signature song by the Carpenters, ‘Close to You’.

What Is a Mixing Board Console?

Are you asking yourself what is a mixing board? If you are, then you are not alone. Basically, a mixing board will allow you to conjoin all your musical instruments and equipment to a DAW or some sort of recorder.

Taylor Swift Does It Again With “Speak Now”

Even before the release of her third album “Speak Now,” Taylor Swift was a bona-fide country and pop music star. So, when the new CD hit stands this fall, there where high hopes. Let me assure you, “Speak Now” will not disappoint.

How To Spice Up Wedding Receptions With The Right Wedding Singers

Weddings are valuable happenings. Whenever you witness one, a smile is unconsciously drawn in your face.

Beginner Piano Holiday Songs

There are many Christmas and holiday songs that are great for beginners to learn. If you are learning beginner piano then check out this article for a great place to start with Christmas music.

Where to Find Music You Can Legally Use in Your Video

Getting the permission to use a song can be a long, complicated and expensive process involving negotiation with the composer or publisher and the performers and owners of the recordings and usually involves extra fees each time the song is used. Knowing where to find good quality stock music can be helpful.

Songwriting – Part 3

Learn new highly effective musical techniques for songwriting on guitar. Find out the proven ways of making your guitar playing more creative and expressive.

Busking – The Do’s And The Don’ts

Busking, or Street Performance can be a lucrative way of putting much-needed extra cash in your pocket, but before you hit the streets there are a few unwritten rules that are worth knowing about to keep you safe and profitable. Let me cut your learning curve by sharing a few tips.

Review: Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell’s New Album ‘Hawk’

As with any project that harkens back to the heyday of Phil Spector’s wall of sound muse, the production on ‘Hawk’ takes center stage. Campbell’s vocals have never sounded more sultry, and Lanegan’s crooning tenor is more complimentary this time around and less ‘beauty and the beast’ in approach (unlike their debut ‘Ballad of the Broken Seas’).

Top 5 New Year Songs

What guitar pieces do you play at a New Year celebration? There are very few “traditional” New Year songs, with the exception of course of Auld Lang Syne, and even fewer songs that are available to be played on acoustic guitar. But don’t despair, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite New Year songs for acoustic guitar; five pieces that are relatively easy-to-play and that you can add to your repertoire and play to impress and inspire on New Year’s Eve.

Why Consider Booking a Luxury Suite for a Concert or Event?

Attending a concert or a live event can be an experience of a lifetime. Those who have never really attended a live concert before would not really know what it can offer them.

Record Player Stylus

One of the things that remain very important when it comes to playing vinyl records is the quality of the record player stylus. So much depends on this little piece of equipment that a malfunctioning or low quality stylus can completely ruin the music.

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