DGN Guitar News #31 – Ozzy & Iommi Team Up, New PANTERA Tour, New Music from Slipknot, MUSE & More!

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Best DJ Software for PC

Wanna make your own pro beats? Then you need to find a good audio mixing software.

Playing Guitar Songs

Guitar is an amazing instrument. It’s one of the most popular and once you learn one or two tunes you can easily play a few good songs.

Rapper Beats – Make Your Own Killer Beats In Just Minutes

Rapper beats rely heavily on drums and bass for the rhythm and then bring in a wide variety of other instruments for the harmonies. In this modern age of rap most of the beats are laid down using synthesized sounds and this is great news for the average rapper interested in producing his own music. Online beats maker software has leveled the playing field and now anyone can combine 1000’s of sounds and instruments using online user friendly software. If you would like to learn how to make rapper beats in a matter of minutes, then read on…

Jamorama Review

Jamorama is an online guitar learning aid. Jamorama allows one to learn the guitar through a step by step leaning process. This is a review on Jamorama.

Beats Maker Software – Use An Online Service, It’s Much Better

Beats maker software is available as both a downloadable product or an online based product. Each has it’s pro’s and con’s. Downloadable software will reside on your own computer and you can take it anywhere you go. Online based software requires internet service so if you travel a lot in the deep valleys of some backwoods mountain range, you might not be able to connect. Seriously though, internet access is so prevalent these days it’s hard to find a spot that’s not connected.

Software For Beat Making – How To Lay Down The Tracks

Software for beat making is available in both stand alone and online versions. Beat making software can allow you to lay down multiple tracks, move things around, change instruments and tempo, and even provide a means to overlay vocals on top of the instrumental beats created.

Checklist For Your Wedding Band or Singer

Before finalising the entertainment for your wedding, whether it is a live band or a wedding singer, you need to ensure you have checked all the little details. You don’t want anything to spoil this special day and the best way to prevent this is to be as prepared as possible.

3 Different Online Music Solutions

By searching online, you’ll find that a lot of solutions related to online music are being offered online. Basically, the internet is now one of the best ways for people in finding their needed solutions for just about anything. All the users need to do is to compare these solutions properly to help them obtain their needed solution for any needs.

Want to Play the Ukulele? – Learn How to Play the Ukulele

Want to play the ukulele? Learn all about the ukulele and discover a simple method to learn to play.

Paying for Your Music

The problem of how to get listeners to pay for their music as opposed to downloading it (albeit illegally) for free is a conundrum that has faced the music industry since the internet spawned sites like Limewire and Napster in the late ’90s. For many people, the lure of free music is too strong, but this free-wheeling by music listeners has the ability to do irreparable damage to the music industry and the musicians, groups and artists who make the music.

Achieving the Perfect Pitch in Music Easily

Talented musicians will attest to the fact that one needs to hit the perfect pitch if they want to make a great performance and make high quality sounds that they will be proud of and people will enjoy. This usually requires a lot of hard work sacrifice and practice for one to hit the right notes without a problem.

Learning To Play The Guitar Using The Best Resources Available

There are various methods to master guitar chords. Aside from an acoustic guitar instructor that can teach you suitable technique and inspire you to practice, there are numerous textbooks, compact discs, and DVD videos that will help you to educate yourself in the comfort of your home. Guitar tabs are specifically beneficial to understand guitar chords.

Best Gaming Headphones

Learn all about the best headphones. Read on to find out all about different kinds of headphones.

Learn More About Jazz With Your 4G Connection

For many people, jazz music is something of a mystery. After all, for one to truly get into jazz it is necessary to find the local scene and listen to some live music. For folks who are just starting to get into jazz it may be a bit daunting. There is so much history and there are so many different albums that are essential to listen to. Fortunately, for folks who are looking to wrap their heads around jazz it is not a hard thing to get into these days because of the internet. With a wireless internet connection you can quickly learn more about one of the most popular music forms in history, and, at the same time, also come across ways to purchase some new music online.

Choosing The Right Beat Maker Software Program

Beat maker software programs give individuals the tools they need to make beats like professional music producers. While making rap and hip hop beats does take creativity and skill, beat making programs are the perfect tools to teach you the basics and more advanced skills.

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