Eco-Friendly Musician Tips Part 4 – Go Digital! #shorts

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Soprano Sax – Fixing Intonation Problems

A lot of saxophone players that choose the soprano to master have issues with its intonation. This article sheds some light on the ways to approach and ultimately fix this problem.

Is an iPod the Right Choice for Your Wedding Reception Entertainment?

There’s a lot of buzz about using an iPod instead if a DJ to provide musical entertainment for a wedding reception. This article will help you sort through the advantages and disadvantages of an iPod wedding.

Sell Yourself to Sell Your Music and Generate an Expanding Fan Base

In today’s musicians world there is a unique opportunity to succeed where others have failed! Why would you need or even want a Label? After all, the world is your Oyster.

Beat Making: The Art of The Computer Music Maker

In the world of music today, beat making is highly prevalent. It is exciting, fun and even controversial. Beat making is everywhere, even if you didn’t know it. Popular culture around the globe is replete with its influence from Japan to the British Isles. We listen to music every day that has been created at least partially, if not entirely, by beat makers and that’s right, you guessed it, it’s here to stay!

DUBTurbo Online Recording Studio: Getting Your Studio Setup Dirt Cheap

Let’s face it! If you want to make your own beats, building your own studio can cost a lot of money. That’s money that many potentially talented would be producers, rappers and other artists just do not have to spend. If you go down the laundry list of absolutely necessary items that are required to set up even the most basic home studio, it can be daunting and expensive. You will need things like keyboards and/or midi controllers, microphones, mixers, audio interfaces, cables, etc… oh, and don’t forget skill, training and experience.

Best Guitar To Buy And Play

Do you know what one of the most popular musical instruments is? It’s the guitar. Why is it so popular? Because some say that it is easy to learn how to play.

Australian Blues Artists

The Blues is basically a vehicle of self-expression, so it’s not surprising that this style of music has found its way “Down Under.” Drawing from a wide cultural background, Aussies have a down-to-earth attitude with a story to tell which means the Blues a great way to get a story told and shared with an audience.

Get Your Top 100 Songs From One Source

Music has the ability to soothe the heart and calm the spirit and there is a wide variety of selection to choose from. There are also different genres and it is for this reason that different people are known to have different taste when it comes to choosing music. One of the common places where you can find music that meets your taste is on the internet.

Beatles Tour of London

If you are a serious fan of the Beatles read on as this article is all about the Beatles tour of London. The tour takes you to the studios, pubs, cafes, film locations, music venues and art galleries that inspired the fab four. Also other famous musicians like The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, The Who, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix that took inspiration from these places.

History of The Beatles

The Beatles were formed in Liverpool England in 1960 and went on to become one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. The band from 1962 consisted of John Lennon who rhythm played guitar and vocals, George Harrison who played lead guitar and vocals, Paul McCartney who played bass guitar and vocals and Ringo Star who played drums and vocals. Before the Beatles became the fab four we all know and love to this day, it began back in 1957 when John Lennon was in a skiffle group called ‘The Quarry…

Starday Record’s Rockabilly Releases Enrich Rock and Roll History

Sun records wasn’t the only label that turned out great rockabilly during the 1950s. The Starday label out of Beaumont, Texas made a fantastic contribution to the rockabilly treasure trove with many excellent recordings.

The Pitch – Part 2

Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you’re handed your station in life on a platter, and other times, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never achieve your dreams and goals.

The Psychedelic Music of Shpongle

Shpongle is the world’s leading psychedelic electronic group. Never heard of them? Expand your mind and get to know more about the group that defined a genre.

Piano Restoration Basics: Why Your Piano Needs Rebuilding

You may have noticed your piano has deteriorated over the years in sound quality and in overall playability, or maybe your piano tuner has informed you that the routine tunings are more challenging with frequent string breakage. Knowing the basics of why you need a piano restored and when it is necessary is paramount for the piano owner or buyer to know since these repairs can be complicated and expensive.

The History and Origin Rock and Roll

When and where did Rock and Roll originate. Rock and Roll is a relatively new genre of music, having originated over only the last fifty to sixty years. And now, as a part of the music cultures around the world, the question arises as to when and how did Rock and Roll begin.

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