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How To Maintain A MIDI Keyboard

For the most part a MIDI keyboard is low maintenance. You seldom will have any complaints as long as you don’t do anything major to it – like dropping it from a 10 story building or get it run over by an 18-wheeler.

The Best MIDI Keyboard in the Market

On a general perspective, defining what is best can put one in a hot seat. Some people might give their nod and yet certainly, there could be a few who would contest such declaration. So when it comes to declaring a particular product to be the best one in the market, there better be a list of solid facts that could back up such statement.

Debussy’s “Clair De Lune”

The ending scene of Ocean’s Eleven is one that is quite well-known indeed, and Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” (or, at least, one of the orchestrations of “Clair de Lune” – but we’ll get there soon enough) is a piece that is instantly recognizable – not just from this movie, of course, but in just about anything where a feeling of languid reverie is desired. Not too shabby for a man who was never really seen as more than a bizarre little composer by Those That Know More About Music Than You in his time.

“Got My Mind Set On You”: Before George Harrison, Its Singer’s Tragic End

When former Beatle George Harrison released “Got My Mind Set On You” in October 1987, it became his third number one single. But only the most avid record collectors realized that the track was not a Harrison original; written by Rudy Clark, it was rhythm and blues singer James Ray who first recorded the song in 1962 as part of an LP titled “James Ray.” The album included Ray’s only hit, “If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody.” But Ray would not live long enough to enjoy its success.

The Best Sad Country Songs That Will Make Your Heart Cry

Listening to sad country songs can indeed make people feel sad, especially if they are at their most vulnerable. They might have recently lost the ones they love the most like their lovers, family members, and friends. Most sad songs talk about the ups and downs of love, such as letting go of a loved one, healing broken heart, or moving on with life after a break up.

What You Need When Selling Beats

If you want to learn about selling beats then this should prove to be very helpful. This article was written to help hip hop producers sell beats online and earn a living.

Goa Trance Examined

Goa Trance is an electronic musical style within Psytrance genre dating all the way back to India of the 1960’s. Inspired by other musical genres such as EBM, Indian classical music, Psychedelic rock and acid house…

4 Ways to Find Motivation for Songwriting

It does not need to be a mystery to uncover the inspiration behind songwriting. There are times in an individual’s life in which he or she is more compelled to write. Many songwriters assume that living a life in constant turmoil will compel them to write new songs that are instilled with passion. Although this might be the case, individuals should not have to turn their lives upside down every time they want to write a song. There are numerous ways in which the act of creation can be done effectively and in a healthy manner.

“Time Is On My Side”: How the Rolling Stones Classic Began as a Jazz Instrumental

The Rolling Stones’ “Time Is On My Side” marked the group’s first time on the top ten. Mick Jagger’s snarling, gritty take has identified the band with the track, but its origin was hardly rock and roll. “Time Is On My Side” was written by producer-arranger Jerry Ragovoy as an instrumental for jazz trombonist Kai Winding. Lyrics were added for Irma Thomas’ gospel-flavored take on the song in 1964. The Stones covered Thomas’ version a few months later; its success assured that Thomas’ record would hardly be heard again.

Red Dirt Bands: Jackson Taylor

Red Dirt Bands and Music are not necessarily new. The popularity of this music however has become ever increasing over the last ten to fifteen years. One of my favorite Texas / Red Dirt Music Artists is Jackson Taylor and Los Sinners.

Music Review: After Midnight Project

After Midnight Project (AMP), is towards the harder end of the spectrum as far as my musical tastes go, considerably darker and more rock-y than say, Hellogoodbye, who I’m a big fan of. I first caught an AMP show at Warped 2009 and they left a minor impression. There are a lot of bands I’ve never heard of that play on the Warped Tour…

How to Foster a Child’s Love for Music

Many elementary school and middle school programs give children an opportunity to learn about music. For kids who are enchanted with it, learning how to play a musical instrument is a dream come true. Not only does it give a child enjoyment, it gives them the foundation to read music, count a beat, work in an ensemble and learn to be comfortable in front of an audience.

The Mass Misconception of Goth

Since it first emerged from the shadows some thirty years ago, the Goth subculture has been scrutinised by many… yet it still remains completely misunderstood by most. Over time Goth has been snubbed, ridiculed and sometimes even feared. So what is it really all about?

Benefits Of Having Guitar Lessons Online

The internet hosts many activities which range from social networking to business portals and even to learning purposes. Learning via the internet is made possible through the numerous websites which offer different kinds of material which may either be free or at a fee. Musical skills can be acquired through guitar lessons online, personal music tutors and even at professional music schools.

Entertainment Agent Problems

Just like in any other industry the music industry has its fair share of scams. Discover what they are and how to avoid them.

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