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Vinyl’s Unique Sound And The Technology Behind The Grooves

Vinyl was the method in sound recording long before compact discs were discovered. Vinyl manufacturing was extremely decreased because CDs achieved their reputation along with other methods of recording today. However, die hard music aficionados still look for the kind of sound the vinyl albums create.

Screw Lyrics – Make Beats! That’s What The Music Industry Wants!

Inside information for those that make beats. To create beats and make it to the top of the demo CD pile is where we all want to be. Read on and you will be there.

Use Fun Exercises to Teach Music

From the rhythmic tapping of your shoes to the pitter-patter of rain drops on your roof to the thundering beat of a jackhammer, fascinating sounds are all around us. And they can inspire us to make our own music. Here is an activity that you can do with your kids to help them learn more about music. It is called Timbre.

Tuning In On Guitars

Music is the language of the soul. People look for ways to express and entertain themselves before they learn defense.

Sell Hip Hop Beats to Make Money

You can sell hip hop beats online with out producing a single hip hop beat. Learn how to join the right affiliate program for beat selling and grow your affiliate business with hip hop websites selling beats.

DJ Lingo – What Did That DJ Say?

I wanted to write this fun article for those of you just starting to DJ, or who may be friends with a DJ and need to learn the lingo. DJ What exactly does DJ mean? DJ is short for Disc Jockey.

What Is a Virtual Drum Machine?

In the event you are getting in the market of making tracks and in particular gangster rap & dance music files it can be really hard to find a software program that will enable you to ultimately accomplish this task using your PC without you being forced to get too techie. One other thing that you must know…

One Important Thing That Might Be Forgotten by You in Acoustic Guitar Playing

Have you ever felt that the sound of your guitar is not like as you want? Then you check your guitar if it’s been tuned yet, and still you feel there’s something wrong. Or perhaps you don’t like the sound.

Beginner Guitar Lesson Videos

Currently on the internet there are a vast number of resources out there for learning how to play guitar. You can learn how to play any song, do minor repairs to any instrument, all the theory you could ever need and a hell of a lot more. The problem surrounding the wide amount of resources available are that there is not a huge amount of good guitar lessons out there for someone who wants to start to play guitar.

Blues Ballads

The idea of telling a story about a particular person that has had an emotional impact on someone has been a common approach throughout the history of music. Religious hymns and chanting right up to modern day love songs have all had someone else in mind when the piece of music was written.

Australian Blues Festivals

Australia has been a breeding ground for a rich source of talented artists within the “Blues” genre. Festivals dedicated to the “Blues” have been springing up across the nation to keep the “Blues” alive and to showcase this talent.

Blues As Therapy

For centuries music has been used to assist with healing and growth. The Blues is no exception – in fact it can be very therapeutic to express yourself by performing the Blues.

Buy Rap Beats Online – Or Sell Them As Well

You can discover all the factors about how to buy rap beats online so you don’t get scammed. Remember that the best beats come only if you’re buying from the right production company.

Top 20 Diana Ross Hits

The former lead singer of The Supremes has had a very successful solo career. How many of her hits do you remember?

The Road to Becoming a Rockstar: Learn Guitar Songs

Have you been playing all day with your Guitar Hero? Or have you been banging your head along with the heavy metal songs you’ve been listening to over and over again? So, you think you can be a rock star bashing your fingernails on the strings of your guitar? Well, stop thinking and start learning.

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