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The Significance of Music

A piece on Importance of Music which is unlike anything else that you might have come across.. Read and be amazed guys!

How Many Strings Does a Cello Have?

Cello Strings – The traditional cello has four strings: A, D, G and C. Each string is tuned a perfect fifth from the others (or seven half-steps apart). From the lowest (C) to the highest (A) open string, it covers nearly two octaves. From open C to the end of the fingerboard on the A, the cello’s range is approximately five and one-half octaves. Many of the notes can be played in multiple places on the instrument.

When to Practice?

Do you know when the best time to practice is? The answer to this question, as usual, has to do with getting to know yourself.

Another Way to Classify Music

It is normal for us music lovers to make an honest attempt to classify music. My way to do it is all about taste. How do you classify music?

Classic Animated Videos Still Top Those With Naked Female Bands and Airplane Dancers

Recent music videos have attempted to bring back the creativity that once was so characteristic of that genre. Alas, they have been less than inspiring. In Awolnation’s latest video, each member of a female band is completely naked.

Great Songs With Weak Opening Lines

The season for beginnings is approaching, bringing images of baseball and cookouts along with it. For some professional baseball players, a good spring could mean the difference between a million dollar Major League salary or a meager wage in the minors. Spring also offers a good opportunity for regular folks to start anew, considering most of us have by March 21st long abandoned our New Year resolutions.

Playing the Guitar – How to Play Fast

One of the key factors to playing fast is relaxation. Your fingers, wrists and arms need to be loose. Tense muscles are rigid, and rigid muscles are hard to move, let alone move fast. But relaxation alone is not going to enable you to play a fast passage. So what does?

Why Join In Groups When Taking Drums Classes

Learning to play a musical instrument can be immensely beneficial, regardless if the student is a child or an adult. Music, as they say, is the universal language after all. Just staying still and silent while listening to a song or a piece of music can already move you, make you feel all kinds of emotions; being able to create or play that music, on the other hand, brings a new dimension to the experience of musical enjoyment.

Ten Songs That Feature Laughing And Should Be On Your April Fool’s Day Play List

That dreaded day, the one which always brings out the worst in the clowns of our society, is just weeks away. It has always been a terrible way to welcome spring, unless you inexplicably enjoy practical jokers. I have laughed less on April Fool’s Day than any of the other 355 days on the calendar, including Halloween.

Hijacked Culture

Demonic influence on our culture can be a silent killer. In Mark 9, Jesus rebuked a generation when casting out a demon from a deaf and mute boy.

Buying Cheap Events Tickets Online – The Complete Guide

Millions of avid music lovers across the globe follow their favorite music artists on social media. When a live concert/tour is announced – there is only thing a fan can think of!

Songs In Which the Title Does Not Appear Until the Very Last Line

The first line, be it in a bar or film or book, must be captivating. Perhaps that is why so many songs open with a line containing their titles. John Lennon’s biggest solo hits like ” Imagine” and “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” open with their titles, as do Paul McCartney classics such as “Silly Love Songs” and “With a Little Luck.

The CD Printing and Duplication Industry – A Musician’s Experience

This article has been written for use by amateur musicians who may find themselves in a similar position to the musician featured to help them navigate their way through a CD printing project like this. The aim is to help the reader avoid some of the potential pitfalls and make the experience as stress free as possible.

Seven Great CD Era Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released in Vinyl

The cycle continues. For twenty years I spent much time and effort trying to replace my favorite records in CD format, a task that in some cases proved rather expensive. Some of the most delightful titles, alas, I could never find in CD.

The 3 Important Tips to Mastering Music at Home

The times when you have freshly composed a melody, you may feel it to be the best, but it isn’t the best yet. It involves an efficient procedure where you need to blend the melody next.

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